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Gin-Flavored Ice Cream Is Here To Cure Your Dessert Woes

For most of us, gin and tonic is a drink generally confined to big nights out and boozy nights in with your best buddies. It's not really the kind of drink you can whip out during a trip to the beach with your family, for example.

Thankfully, one ice cream parlour in Scotland is looking to change all that with its latest gin-based offering, helpfully incorporating a rather large hit of gin into the once-innocent world of ice cream. Doesn't that sound like the best news you've heard all week?

Vanilla Joe's in Irvine, Scotland, started selling the elderflower gin flavor after the store's owner Marco Edge discovered his great-grandfather’s secret recipe back in 2015.

The Scottish public were quick to heap praise on the new flavor, with Val West saying: “Not a fan of ice cream generally but with elderflower and gin I could be persuaded.” Local Danielle McCorquodale added: “Had it today - wow it’s strong but really good.”

Marco's ice cream parlour is attracting so many rave reviews that the store recently won a Golden Cone award. He told the Daily Record: “We decided to name the cafe after my great-grandfather Giuseppe, which is Italian for Joseph. Everyone knew him as Joe.

"He came to Scotland from Tuscany around 1900 looking for work and he sold his own ice cream in Saltcoats. I know that’s where my love of ice cream comes from. It’s in my blood. I’m proud to be following in his footsteps and I’m so delighted that it’s brought us the Golden Cone award.”

I don't know about you, but I definitely need to visit this place at some point. Spare plane ticket to Scotland, anyone?