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Gabrielle Union reveals everything she eats in a day to make 45 look 25

When Gabrielle Union walks into a room, everything stops. Looking absolutely flawless, the internet often freaks out when the paparazzi get a good snap of her. As an actress, author and philanthropist, she's a busy lady and as half of one of the fittest celebrity couples, being married to superstar basketball player Dwyane Wade. Gabrielle Union defies all aging odds. You'd never guess she was 45.

To say that 'black don't crack' would be an insult to this deity. The woman looks exactly the same as she did in her "Bring it On" days. Before we all go and start breaking down thinking we will never be able to achieve such levels of greatness, know Gabrielle Union does nothing out of the ordinary to stay fit and healthy. It's we all stuff do too. Have a little peek and see.

First things first, eat your greens! Union told UsWeekly that her diet includes at least two servings of leafy greens every day, like lettuce, spinach, kale, and Swiss chard. I'm so sick of hearing "they don't taste good" or "it's cheaper to buy McDonald's": you have to double down on the broccoli, people! Eating lusciousĀ greens can give your body the vitamins, fiber and antioxidants it needs to regulate daily function. In a broader sense, if your body can do this more efficiently, the better you age.

Union is a huge advocate of not being afraid to splurge. She is all about the cheat days, but knows that she needs to balance them out with veggies and hitting it hard (not to mention effectively) in the gym. Let's be honest: we wouldn't pass up this peach cobbler doughnut bread pudding either. "If I want cupcakes, cookies, or a short stack, I don't deny myself," she told Fitness Magazine. "And I certainly don't deny myself bacon!" What a gal.

The actress is also a big fan of home cooked meals that are both healthy and stand as perfect comfort food. Union posts tons of #FoodieFriday pictures on Instagram (made by personal chef Richard Ingraham), from eggplant cannolis to apricot and champagne cola barbecue ribs.

Cooking at home not only gives you more control over what goes into your body, but you can save a ton of money doing so too. Even though you'll probably have to do it yourself because you don't have a chef, cook up a few easy meals this week. You can also help yourself (if you can afford it) by buying greater quality produce.

Even if you don'tĀ have a personal chef and the means to buy quality cuts and organic food, you can still look out for lean meat and fish. Most of Union's protein comes from leaner cuts and it's very apparent in her Instagram, where you'll see pictures of crab, lobster, shrimp and sea bass. All of exceptionally good for you.

When she wants to indulge in something like a rib-eye steak though, she'll keep her portions in check, eating six ounces instead of 12. See? It's like I said, completely easy to follow. Do yourself a favor and live like Gabrielle Union for a few weeks. I think you'll like the results.