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Your coffee is begging you to replace milk with this flavored, rum-infused cream

I, like many people on this earth, have grown to not be able to function without a cup of coffee in the morning. I feel like those beans really do perform miracles at times, because the before-and-after effects felt by coffee are really the stuff of legend. Thank you very much, 11th-century goat herder who watched his goats for hours on end, and accidentally discovered the beautiful bean.

That being said, I have to admit that at times I can't have it straight, because the spike in energy would be just a little too much. The solution? Some sugar and cream, of course. A sprinkle of sweetness and a dash of cool richness go a long way toward caffeinating your mornings in the right way.

What if you're feeling fancy and Irish, but have kind of had it with Baileys or RumChata? Luckily, there's a new creamy alcohol-infused drink in town, and it comes in the yummiest flavors ever. Wisconsin-based Tippy Cow makes its own line of "rum creams" that we're dying to add to our morning cup o' joe.

Tippy Cow comes in four mouth-watering flavors - Chocolate, Shamrock Mint, Vanilla Soft Serve, and Orange Cream — each of which contains a whopping 14 percent alcohol-by-volume content.

A splash of liquefied heaven in your coffee may or may not get you buzzed, so we suggest sipping at your own risk if you choose to do so in the office. Alternatively, you could offer it up to your workplace as the hangover cure everyone needs in the morning so you can go out partying the night before, and not get in trouble for it the next day.

Tippy Cow is a lot more versatile as you think, as coffee isn't the only mixer the rum-infused cream can be alchemized with. You could whip up a boozy milkshake that brings all the (drunk) boys to the yard, a creamy cocktail to impress your friends or a date, and so much more. My favorite? Pouring the cream onto some deliciously warm brownies or pancakes.

If you're feeling crunched for time but want to satisfy your sweet tooth, you could simply enjoy a glass of the good stuff on the rocks, and let the flavors speak for themselves as your troubles melt away (drinking responsibly, of course).

So far, Tippy Cow hasn't gotten much buzz online yet, but a few social media users have confirmed my suspicion that these drinks are to die for.

One Instagram user who excitedly shared a snap of their bottle of Orange Cream Tippy Cow noted it tasted like "liquid ice cream", while another describes hers as a "dessert in a cup". Both of which sound right up my alley. It's a tad tricky to get a comprehensive list of exactly where Tippy Cow is sold, but from what I can tell after some creeping on social media, you have a few stores throughout California, Kansas, Texas and of course, Wisconsin.

Outlets sell 750-ml bottles, alongside smaller variety packs. It also looks like a few online retailers sell some of the flavors, including Merchant's Fine Wine. If you can't get your hands on some yet, don't fret: I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the whole nation can indulge in this creamy treat.