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Doritos have released a wasabi-flavored packet for a limited time only

If you've been thinking that your Doritos - while dusted and delightful with all kinds of cheese and spice flavorings - are simply not enough for your taste buds anymore, don't worry: The corn chip company is already on it.

Whether you have your Doritos with cheese and sour cream melting all over the top, with a side of salsa dip or you munch them straight out of the packet, this new flavor should find its way into your cupboards, and hearts, fairly easily.

The latest iteration to temporarily tempt your tastebuds is a slightly unexpected take on Doritos. PopSugar reports that the usually cheesy tortilla chips - although Cooler Ranch has its own legion of loyalists - are getting a wasabi flavored makeover for a short time.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Instagram account @CandyHunting, the existence of the green-tinged Doritos became visible on the internet. According to the snack pros, the chips are currently available at Walmart stores. Amazon and Sam's Club (which is part of Walmart's retail conglomerate) also has the limited-edition chips in stock.

Twitter users who have managed to get their now green hands on a bag report that the flavor isn't that strong and the color isn't actually that green. Unlike the classic Nacho Cheesier eating experience, it seems like your smartphone is safe from all that Technicolor flavor dust.

And even though wasabi Doritos have only been out for a short time, the special edition already has some fans. Of course, there's no telling just how long wasabi's shelf life will be, so anyone looking to experience the thrill of sushi condiments and tortilla chips needs to act fast.

Wasabi-flavored Doritos could make a great addition to a lot of recipes as well as be a stand-alone snack. With the new release, you could have a go at wasabi Doritos flavored onion rings. If  you're eating the chips by themselves and the kick is not enough for you, you could also add some horseradish to make sure you get that slap in the face you expect from wasabi.

For fans of green chips with a kick, Doritos has another option too. Imgmr reports that the brand teamed up with an equally verdant collaborator, Xbox. Together, the two brands have created an entire series of game-inspired flavors.

Flavors incude: "Halo Nacho, Halo Diablo, Gears of War 4 Incognita, Gears of War 4 Flamin’ Hot, Forza Pizzerolas, and Forza 3Ds." The greenest of the bunch, a grilled jalapeño XBox One X Power up flavor, has appeared on social media, but it hasn't hit stores just yet, at least not in the U.S. or Canada.

Whether it's here to stay or not I think wasabi flavored Doritos will be a great addition to the team. It has me thinking of some potential other cool combinations for a Japanese and Mexican fusion. Wasabi chips as a vessel for poke? Crushed wasabi Doritos as a fun addition to sushi? Wasabi-spiced teriyaki nachos? Answers on a postcard, please.