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Domino’s Is Giving Away 10,000 Free Personal Pizzas Today

We have all received free pizza at some point in our lives. Whether it be at a kid's birthday party, a university event, or an office function, pizza is often the meal provided because it's quick, easy, and leaves everyone satisfied.

But even during those times, you had to do something to get that free pizza. You had to sing happy birthday to a bratty kid, sign up your email address for a school club, or make office small talk with the creepy guy from HR.

But what if I told you that you could get a free pizza today without having to attend any of those godawful events?

As if they haven't already done enough for humanity, Domino's has announced that it is giving away 10,000 pizzas (that's right, four zero's) across the United Kingdom today, August 1st. They're making it rain free pizza as celebration of opening their 1,000th store in the UK, and we could genuinely not be more excited.

But, as with many good things in life, there's a catch. Because the pizzas are being distributed across all 1,000 Domino's branches across the country, that means that each store will only have 10 free pizzas to give away. The pizzas will go to the first 10 people who walk into the store and want them (though I can't really imagine anybody would say no to that). This, unfortunately, means that these pizzas are likely to go pretty fast, so I'd hurry. 

The other catch is that the winners of this free pizza ought not to let their imaginations roam wild, because Domino's is not giving away gigantic pizzas with endless toppings. If you imagined a 22-inch pepperoni-covered pizza when you started reading this article, you better think again, because the free pizzas will all be personal-size (only 7 inches) and be simply cheese and tomato.

There is quite good news, however, if you live in Overton, Hampshire, which is the location of the 1,000th store that just opened. This Dominos will be hiding "Domi-notes", a fictional currency, all around the store. Whoever finds these "Domi-notes" will be entitled to even more free pizza.

Chief executive, David Wild, explained the significance of this day of free pizza.

"From just one store in Luton to 1,000 in just over 30 years is a remarkable feat and testament to the hard work and commitment of everyone at Domino's. A thousand stores is a major milestone for our business and we’re extremely proud. But it’s the validation of our fantastic pizzas from our thousands of customers that really counts. 'Domi-Day' is our way of saying thank you for their continued loyalty and support and we look forward to opening more stores, creating more jobs and delivering more pizza over the next 30 years and beyond." 

Regardless of whether or not you make it there in time to be the lucky winner of a free pizza, I'd recommend making the trip. Worse case scenario is that you end up in a Domino's, paying for a pizza that can have as many toppings as you want... and there are worse ways to start off a Tuesday.