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Domino’s has come up with an insane solution for pepperoni pizza’s biggest problem

There's lots of little things that are unfair in the world: your avocado have gone squishy when you were looking forward to some delicious guac, forgetting your coffee until it's just that slight bit too cold, the person in front of you in the tea line getting the last custard cream. But there's one that really takes the biscuit, that really cheeses me off quite like nothing else: poor pizza topping distribution.

I mean, I'm not being funny, but if you've made the decision to shell out some precious dollars on your favorite cheat day dinner, then the least they can do is make sure it's done properly. But it seems the pizza supremos at Domino's do understand the very real struggle, because they're introducing a super futuristic solution to make sure this situation isn't allowed to occur unchallenged: the Pizza Checker.

No, not just a man in the corner saying yes or no, the Pizza Checker is an actual machine that takes a bird's eye view photo of your pizza, and uses artificial intelligence to check the toppings and distribution against a prototype of the "perfect pizza", as laid out by company guidelines.

If your pepperoni spread isn't quite on point, the store manager will be informed, and the customer can be notified that their pizza will need to be remade. The "artificial eye" will sit above the chopping board, wielding its disapproving eye, which can also check that your pizza is the perfect temperature.

Right now, it's only being trialed in only one Australian store, but it is expected to be rolled out across Australia and the rest of the globe shortly, with Dominos having signed a 12-month exclusivity agreement with the technology's makers. The adoption of this ingenious invention is part of a wider plan to revolutionize quality control in Domino's stores, making it as automated and objective as possible.

'Pizza Checker will dramatically improve the quality and consistency of handmade pizzas - cooked and cut to perfection, correctly topped with only the highest quality, freshest ingredients consistently,' Domino's Group CEO Don Meij said. He also said that he hopes the addition to kitchens will help their pizza chefs get even better over time, as they get used to cooking the pizzas as they're "supposed" to be cooking.

It's been a big week for the pizza firm, who have also indicated that they will be introducing a vegan cheese option in their Australia stores in 2018, having previously introduced this in its Israeli stores. This comes as a response to high demand from vegan pizza lovers, with a Facebook post stating: "Wow, we are overwhelmed by the response we've received to Vegan Cheese. Thank you to everyone who has registered interest so far, we've heard you loud and clear. What an exciting 2018 we have in store - watch this space!"

So, here we have it - proof that despite what the makers of Black Mirror may be telling you, artificial intelligence really can be used for good!