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Disgusting video shows a man finding something awful in a can of Red Bull

It's never fun getting something you don't want or don't like, particularly if you have to put it in your mouth. For some people it's vegan food, for others it's strawberries on pizza. For me, it's peppers: put them anywhere near me or my plate, and I will turn on you like a werewolf underneath a full moon.

When it happens to you, it's the worst tragedy that could be bestowed upon humankind, but when it happens to someone else, it makes for a funny, disgusting or gross article I can gleefully write about.

As it happens, a disgusted man has claimed that he has found a dead mouse inside his can of Red Bull. Josh Henley said he made the grim discovery after he bought the energy drink on Sunday night from a gas station in Arkansas. The Arkansian recorded the ordeal, and shared it on his social media page.

The video, which Mr Henley posted on his Facebook wall, shows him cutting the can in half with scissors to reveal what appears to be a dead mouse inside, and with that, Ratatouille becomes instantly unwatchable. Cue uncontrollable vomiting. Seriously, get a bucket ready.

In the footage, Henley says: "I drink Red Bull all the time." He goes on to add "I don't know if it's factory or what but there's a dead rat in here," declaring this as he opens the can to make the grim discovery. As once warned, it doesn't make for good viewing. Especially if you're a fan of Red Bull.

Henley reportedly said that he didn't finish the drink after he bought it, and left it in his car overnight. But when he went to pour the drink out the next day for a nice little caffeine boost, he felt something hit the top of the can. "When I emptied it out, I heard that thud, I was like "what is that?!" And I said, "oh my God." So I said, "I gotta film it 'cuz nobody's gonna believe it." So, I cut it open and my God, it's a big ol' mouse in there," he said.

Josh said that he doesn't think the mouse crawled into the can on its own, because he saw no other signs it had been in his car. Since the incident, the pawn shop worker has urged people in the footage to "check their Red Bulls because they might have rats in them".

Since the video was shared on Facebook, it has over 102,500 shares and over 3,000 reactions to the shocking footage. Ellen DeGeneres even asked permission for the footage to be used on her show. As you can imagine, the comments under his posts were pretty all over the place too, but I will leave you with one Sean Clark's comment: "That’s just the RedBull with added protein. No big deal." Scary stuff, guys.