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Chrissy Teigen blasted on Instagram for posting a naked salad-tossing photo

Chrissy Teigen is food royalty, and I dare anyone to contest that. She has her own cookbook and foodie blog, is unapologetic about eating fast food - so much so that she's a McDonald's delivery ambassador - and shares all of her food with us on Instagram (I know we all do that but admit it, her food snaps are better).

With that, you'd think it silly for someone like Chrissy to ask anything of us mere mortals. What could we possibly have that would help her, and not the other way around? It turns out some people aren't giving her the respect she deserves.

Teigen Instagrammed a pic of herself making a rather delicious-looking salad. Oh, and she happened to be partially nude from the waist up. Ever the creative type, she found a way around Instagram's nudity guidelines, which prohibit photos of some female nipples. She decided to use two salad emojis to cover up her breasts.

In the post, she wrote: "plz don’t shame me I am a strong proud salad making woman just being natural and trying to live my life." What could be more natural than cooking in the nude? I don't think anyone could shame this beautiful pic. Since being posted, it's gone uber-viral. For some reason.

Teigen fans were just as uber-quick to jump to her support too. @aebarks said: "your wee bump looks amazing! Salad away!" @lailastewartishere cried, LOL @plz don’t shame me I am a strong proud salad making woman just being natural and trying to live my life LOL LOL You tell 'em Chrissy AND tell them you are married and in your own house too hehehe."

@heidisfashion also jumped in to say: "wow such a great person iam not shame on you iam proud of you much love to you and you're family." The soon to be mom of two first announced her second pregnancy in November 2017 and now we see a healthy, happy bump coming along too. Her celeb friends got involved too; Glee actress Jane Lynch wrote "This is tremendous", and Teigen replied “Thank you, Jane! Thank you for letting me be strong!”

When she's not eating healthy salads, you may find the 32-year-old nibbling on some of her husband's delicious chicken wings. In the debut of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Real Men Eat Goop video series, the All of Me singer stopped by to teach the lifestyle guru how to make his mouth-watering Teigen approved recipe.

“Chrissy loves it, and I love making it,” Legend explained, before revealing his secret flavor weapon: plenty of Lawry’s Seasoned Salt. Legend says he also uses Lawry’s Seasoned Salt in the flour mixture he makes to dredge the wings in before it was time to fry them up.

Along with the now not-so-secret flavor, John also revealed that he makes a honey butter hot sauce, which he created with Teigen while she was writing her cookbook Cravings. During the video on Instagram, Gwyneth Paltrow said: “This seems like really good Valentine’s Day food,” and John replied: “Well, (there’s) a lot of love in it,”. Have a go at making these if you're looking for some loving (or maybe even baby making) this Valentine's Day.