Chick-fil-A Is Giving Away Free Food Today Under One Condition

It's no secret that Chick-fil-A makes dreams come true. If you don't believe me, then obviously you've never had their Spicy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich, and probably haven't felt love. This amazing chicken establishment is making even more dreams come true today, July 11th, by giving away free food to all those willing to participate in their annual Cow Appreciation Day. On this day, in which we appreciate cows by not eating them (so sweet, right?), you can walk into any of the 2,100 Chick-fil-A's and receive a free entree, on one condition...

You better look like a cow. And no, I don't just mean when you're feeling crazy bloated after eating millions of nuggets. I mean a literal cow, like a true Bessie (that's a common cow name, I think). If you come in donning anything from a cow-print headband to a full-blown cow suit, you will get some delicious food (which always tastes better when it's free).

This is Chick-fil-A's 13th annual Cow Appreciation Day, and if this year will be your first time attending the glorious event, don't worry if you feel unprepared. If you are someone who likes to go all-out, you can get inventive with your costume and really throw yourself into the holiday (not technically a holiday, but we really wish it was). If you're more the type of person who prefers to skate by on the bare minimum (hello, brethren!), then don't worry.

In the FAQ section of their website, Chick-fil-A poses the question: "Can I still redeem the free entree if I just wear a cow accessory?" Thankfully, they also answer it, "Customers who arrive wearing any sort of cow apparel will receive one free entrée." Literally... any sort of cow apparel. You can even do what this woman did and not wear anything out of the ordinary, although this may require a lot more effort than anticipated.

Wearing any cow attire, you can walk in to any Chick-fil-A between open and 7pm and choose from 28 different entree choices. Before you even ask, yes, this list includes the best of the best. I'm talking Chicken Sandwiches, Chicken Nuggets, and even their new Smokehouse BBQ Bacon Sandwich. According to the Chick-fil-A website, salads are one of the few menu items that will not be redeemable:

In order to simplify the experience for both customers and Chick-fil-A team members, entrée salads will no longer be available to redeem as part of Cow Appreciation Day. We hope you’ll try a different menu item, such as our Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap, instead. 

This is, of course, unimportant information, because who in their right minds would get a salad at Chick-fil-A? Besides, we all know that the Spicy Deluxe Chicken Sandwich is where it's at.

If you have any interest in some tasty free chicken (which you probably do if you're reading this article), then head over to your nearest Chick-fil-A fast. Over 1,600,000 people participated last year, so you don't want to be the only one missing out on the deliciousness. Seriously, just wear a white t-shirt and tape 3 black circles to it, and you'll be set. Happy eating!