Burger King Get Roasted Online After Throwing Shade At Ronald McDonald

Like a great deal of us, I have been known from to indulge in a little bit of fast food from time-to-time. KFC is great, Pizza Hut or Papa Johns are always enjoyable, but when it comes to getting greasy food in no time whatsoever, there are two franchises that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Although many people have eaten both McDonald's and Burger King over the course of their lives, they're very much like Coca-Cola or Pepsi in that most people will champion one over the other, and will argue vehemently in order to defend that choice. Of course, this debate mostly only rumbles on in internet forums or comment sections, and a social media post from Burger King went a long way toward explaining why.

Both fast food companies will identify each other as direct competition, but you'd be pretty hard pressed to see Burger King squaring off against McDonald's in public, with Ronald McDonald facing off against the Burger King himself in a fight to the death.

Earlier this week, though, Burger King attempted to throw shade at McDonald's, but ended up being served a super-sized humble pie (with fries and a drink) by McDonald's fans on Facebook.

It started with a simple post in the morning by the Facebook account for Burger King in the UK. Usually, social media for a fast food company revolves around getting us into stores for some of that delicious food, but this time, Burger King decided they were going to fire some shots at their main rivals.

Ouch. I know all things are meant to be fair in love (of food) and war, but making fun of someone's name is a low blow. We all waited with bated breath to see what the response would be from the McDonald's Facebook page, but they ended up not having to retaliate at all, thanks to the McDonald's fans in the comments section.

At first, there wasn't really much of a response, as fans of fast food wondered exactly how to respond to such a blatant jab at McDonald's. One fan summed it up with his slightly confused defence of the name Ronald.

Then, it became apparent that fans of McDonald's were not about to take this lying down, and the merciless mocking began. Criticizing the quality of Burger King's attempted banter as well as the quality of their food against McDonald's, things quickly became embarrassing for Burger King as they were ripped apart by savage comments.

While the marketing team for the UK branch of Burger King will be heading back to the drawing board with their tails firmly between their legs, I guess it goes to show the importance of social media amongst fast food companies in garnering brand loyalty.

Of course, the Wendy's Twitter account stands above all when it comes to online fast food savagery, and from the looks of it, Burger King are going to have to go a long way to match that social media sass.