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Bride’s Friend Saves The Day When Wedding Cake Doesn’t Arrive In Time

Weddings are stressful at the best of times, and downright heart-attack inducing at the worst. If you've participated in your fair share of nuptials, you can attest to the fact that the so-called "joyous" time always inevitably descends into chaos. Whether it's nigh impossible to please an all-too-involved mother or you just can't seem to find the perfect dress, things are bound to go wrong. Luckily the bride and groom always have a dedicated bunch of friends and family at hand to fix anything that threatens to disrupt the happy couple's special day. And that's exactly what one woman's bridesmaids did when her $500 three-tier wedding cake failed to turn up.

Jade Neil, from Townsville, Queensland got married to her partner Rohan last year and unfortunately, things didn't exactly go to plan. I'm sure that everyone will agree with me when I say that it is very important to have cake at a wedding. Yes, it's tradition and provides the couple with a great photo-opportunity, but I personally would think twice about attending a wedding that didn't provide guests with the sweet treat. The beauty salon owners' bridal party clearly agree with me on this point as when Jade's cake failed to show up, they promptly rushed to the rescue.

Talking to Buzzfeed News, Jade recounts the terrifying moment when she realised that the expensive cake wouldn't make it in time for her big day:

"My venue let me know at 6:30pm when I arrived back from photos. [The cake company] claimed to my venue that they didn't have any record of me to begin with.

I was furious, because a few weeks prior to the wedding I found out I was expecting, so champagne was off the menu and cake was my next exciting option. I also wanted to save the top tier for our wedding anniversary."

But Jade didn't know that her sister-in-law Candice and family friend May had got wind of the situation earlier and found a way to rectify it.
Now if you're not an Aussie, you wouldn't have heard of the wonder that is Woolies mud cake. It's an inexpensive cake that tends to grace every Australian child's birthday. And whilst it doesn't sound like the typical fare that one would expect at a wedding, refrain from knocking it because it's absolutely delicious. And don't worry, Candice and May found a way to spruce it up so that it fit with Jade's rustic-chic wedding.
The crafty pair were hard at work between the entrées and main course as they decorated the humble Woolworths cake with fresh flowers and hessian from the table settings.
And as you can imagine, Jane was absolutely amazed by their handiwork, "they did amazing. I love Woolies mud cake, but what Aussie doesn't?" She said, adding that "there were hardly any leftovers."
Jade then took to Facebook to thank Woolworths for saving the day:

"Hi! Every week when I go food shopping at Woolworths in Townsville Stocklands I always see the little display of what you can do with a good ol' Woolies mud cake........ 

"On my wedding day my wedding cake didn't show up!  Two of my sister in laws and a dear family friend made my wedding cake out of Woolies mud cake, pre-made Betty Crocker icing, fresh flowers and one of my hessian cutlery holders! 

"So if you're doing a wedding on a budget - here is some inspo! Everybody loves Woolies mud cake"


Woolworths had the perfect response to the story and even offered the newlywed a "small wedding gift" so she'd always remember how the cake saved her big day.

Although she didn't get a top-tier to save for her anniversary, she revealed that Woolworths provided her with an even better substitute saying, "on the plus side I can get a fresh anniversary cake every year from Woolworths." Sounds like a sweeter deal to me!