Breakfast lovers rejoice: Denny’s is coming to the UK

Britain knows how to do breakfast. Whether you want just a simple coffee and pastry, or you want to really go to town on a wicked fry-up or brunch, the United Kingdom has got you covered with loads of coffee houses, brunch joints and cafés that pretty much all hit the spot.

Sometimes, however, if you want to take your meal to Man vs Food levels, (especially for a reasonable price) you have to cast your net quite wide to get a good breakfast if you don't want to make it yourself. Going from North London to Liverpool Street for a French toast stack is never as fun as it is in your head, and you end up spending three times what you thought.

Our American cousins across the pond have had it good for a long time now, with so many breakfast options. With their cafés, brunch spots and massive breakfast restaurant chains all within throwing distance, it's hard not to get a little green with envy over it all  it all. Breakfast Club, Little Chef and to be honest, even a McDonald's Breakfast (blasphemy, I know) can't really hold itself against iHop or Pancake House, not to mention Denny's, the staple of American breakfast, and even lunch and dinner.

Founded over 60 years ago, the diner serves as a full-service pancake house, coffee shop and fast casual restaurant chain that's always open. So much so that in the 80s, it was not uncommon for Denny's chains to be built without locks, in case the workers had lost the house keys.

Prologue aside, the food is not only tasty, but substantial too, and Denny's currently operates over 2,100 restaurants across America, and eight in other countries including Japan, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela and the Philippines.

Those of you lucky enough to have any of the classic American grub and wished it would come to the UK, buckle up: your wildest dreams have finally come true. The beloved US chain is coming to settle on our shores.

Notorious for its enormous plates, delicious breakfasts and mouth-watering sandwiches, Denny's looks like it's here to stay. With dishes like the Lumberjack, All-American Slam and the Steak Skewer Skillet, it's hard not to get incredibly excited about things, albeit in a typically British fashion.

According to, Denny's are looking for Area Licensees in the UK to bring the same "high quality, high value and extraordinary customer service to England, Scotland, North Ireland and Wales."

Posting on its new official UK Twitter account, Denny's announced that those eager British punters wouldn't have to wait too long for a taste of that sweet, sweet breakfast goodness, as the first branch is set to open in Swansea after Christmas. Hopefully it makes its way to London, Manchester and the rest of the United Kingdom fairly soon.

It looks like Denny's is a 24-hour delivery service away from the perfect business model in the UK. If its global success is anything to go by, we're certain it's about to take the country by storm. I can't wait to drown everything in syrup.