Bombay Sapphire Gin Recalled After Authorities Discovered It Contained 77% Alcohol

If you’re the kind of person who always ends up getting way too drunk at every party you go to, it looks like you might finally have a feasible excuse for your actions. That’s because a batch of Bombay Sapphire gin sold in Canada was found to contain almost double the amount of alcohol it should have, breaking several laws and posing a serious health risk for its customers.

However, if you’ve been getting super drunk on gin purchased in the US, then you don’t really have an excuse, because the affected batch is believed to have been sold only in Canada. Bacardi, the company who make Bombay Sapphire, are offering affected customers a full refund.

So how the hell was the gin given a double strength dose of alcohol? Well, inspectors eventually traced the problem back to the production line. The Ontario Liquor Control Board said in a statement:

“One batch was bottled before correct dilution to achieve the stated 40 per cent alcohol content by volume. As a result, the affected batch has alcohol content by volume of 77 per cent. This product is not safe for consumption. Consuming a product with an alcohol content of 77 per cent could cause serious illness.”

No illnesses or alcohol poisonings have yet been reported, but Bacardi are warning their customers to stay away from the bottle if they believe they’ve been sold the overly-alcoholic batch. Whatever the case, someone’s getting fired.

Incredibly, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened in Canada. Back in March, authorities were forced to pull hundreds of bottles of Georgian Bay vodka from the shelves after they were found to contain a staggering 81 per cent alcohol level. Stay safe out there, Canadians.

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