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Black Coconut Ice Cream Burgers Are Shaking Up The Ice Cream Game

Okay, it's possible that you may have read this title and thought, 'they've done it again... the hipsters have gone too far'. And that's valid, because who in their right mind combines ice cream with burgers with ash? Only complete geniuses, that's who.

The black ice cream trend has hit it big this summer, with people waiting in line for hours just to get a taste of this dark and mysterious treat. It has been tested, and despite it's tar-like appearance, the ice cream is almost always delicious. Instagram food trends are often disappointing in real life, so when you find one that genuinely delivers, what do you to? You take it one step further!

Which is exactly what Jude's Ice Cream Parlor in London is doing this August, serving, for the very first time, their black coconut ice cream burger. 

So what exactly does this strange treat include? Well before you get super confused, I'll just confirm right now: there is no meat on this "burger". In a display of word-association that, while cute, can be a bit confusing, the word "burger" throws some people off. No, the "patty" on this burger is actually Jude's Black Coconut ice cream, which is made with coconut milk and coconut ash (giving it that rich black color).

The ice cream is then placed onto a toasted black brioche bun and then topped with freshly slide mango, coconut curls, and a lime glaze sauce. Yeah, we agree. It's freaking crazy. But it also sounds too unique not to give a try... because if it is good, it's probably going to be seriously good.

The burger will set you back six pounds, which, although not cheap, isn't actually all that bad, considering the outrageous prices that Instagram-famous foods can charge their customers. But if you truly are interested in giving this ice cream burger a whirl, the most important thing to note is its limited availability. The black coconut ice cream burger will only be available between August 24 and August 29 at Jude’s Ice Cream Parlour in the Pear Tree Cafe in Battersea Park, so you've got five days to get moving.

Jude's Ice Cream Parlors, a family-run British shop based in Hampshire, is the same shop that introduced UK's first black ice cream back in May. Flaunting their black coconut ice cream for the first time, Jude's blew peoples minds (and blew up their Instagram feeds). At the time of the ice cream's launch, Chow Mezger, son of Jude's founder Theo Mezger, commented:

"We are delighted to launch our Black Coconut ice cream in the amazing Pear Tree Café. At Jude’s we are constantly playing with new flavours and sensory experiences and noticed a trend of black ice cream across the pond in the US."

If the burger seems like it might be just a tad too much for you to handle (we won't judge), then you can always head over to Jude's try the black ice cream in a more normal capacity... you know, cups, cones, the usual suspects. You can also do this if you miss the August 29 deadline, which, let's be honest, many of you will.