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Bacon & Cheese Loaded Fries Could Be On The Way To McDonald’s

We all love fries, right? It's kind of hard not to; all that salty, carby deliciousness is difficult to beat. However, one thing that is better than fries is loaded fries. Whoever thought of this god-like creation was nothing short of a genius. Fries covered with cheese sauce, meat and more cheese? Yes please!

For a long time, loaded fries have been something that is more associated with specialist burger joints rather than mainstream fast food companies. However, McDonald's might be about to change the game forever.

Yes, you heard me: getting your hands covered in cheese sauce and bacon bits whilst you eat fried potato might soon be as easy as popping into your local Maccy D's. The fast food giant is trialling out bacon and cheese loaded fries in selected restaurants, and if it goes well (why wouldn't it?), the loaded fries could be rolled out across the whole of the United States.

As you can probably tell from the name, these aren't any old McDonald's fries. They're McDonald's fries topped with cheese sauce and smoked applewood bacon. A few lucky people have managed to get their hands on them so far, and they seem to be getting pretty good reviews.

Look at that. All that greasy, messy goodness, it's safe to say my stomach is growling.

The loaded fries were first sold in Australia and Hong Kong, however they finally seem to be making their way closer to home. The American version is being marketed as a treat for two people to share (yeah, like that's going to happen) and will be sold at the reasonable price of $3.99.

Sadly, the fries are only available at specific branches of the chain at the moment, with Brand Eating reporting that only participating restaurants in the Greater Pittsburgh, Central West Virginia, Southeast Ohio, and Eastern Kentucky areas will be serving the delicious snack. So, let's cross our fingers and toes, and hope that the trial goes well, meaning we all get to sample the fries in the near future.

McDonald's have a history of trying out different products, with varying degrees of success. There was the McPizza, which despite being a major flop (due to the fact that it took 11 minutes to cook) is actually still going in Pomeroy, Orlando, and Spencer.

Then, there was the Arch Deluxe, which has to go down as one of the company's biggest mistakes. The Arch Deluxe was a burger aimed at adults, and featured a quarter pound of beef on a split-top potato flour, sesame seed bun, topped with a circular piece of peppered bacon, leaf lettuce, tomato, American cheese, onions, ketchup, as well as a "secret" mustard and mayonnaise sauce. It sounds pretty good, but it never took off despite a huge marketing campaign that cost $300 million by McDonald's. It lasted on the menu for four years before it was pulled, and was never seen again.

Hopefully the loaded fries don't go the way of the McPizza and the Arch Deluxe, as I could really do with a basket of them right now. To see more new items that McDonald's are releasing, why not check out their new menu that is dedicated to Minions.