Apartments Are Being Sold With A Year’s Supply Of Avocado On Toast Included

Avocado on toast is pretty great. Sure, it's a little cliché at this point, but who doesn't love sitting down to a plate of mushed green goo on a slice of toasted bread? In fact, the millennial obsession with avo toast has reached such a fever pitch that one estate agency in Australia has been using it to sell actual houses. I'm not even kidding.

Brisbane estate agents Ray White Sherwood posted an advert for a young professionals' townhouse for the cool price of AUD $595,000 ($437,997). Amongst the typical amenities you'd expect to see on a house ad, there was a rather unexpected item listed: a year's supply of avocado on toast.

The ad states: "Affordable house alternative, these brand new 2 or 3 bedroom Townhomes are nestled in a premier street of blue ribbon suburb, Sherwood. Enjoy the local coffee trail and discover Gas Espresso, Three Girls Skipping, Annana's, Goodness Gracious - to name a few, and to help with the budget we are including 12 months free avocado on toast once a weekend at your favourite café."

Pedestrian TV reached out to Ray White Sherwood to double check the bizarre ad wasn't just one big publicity stunt, and got the following response: "You pick one of the local cafes, and the real estate agents will hash out a deal to make sure you get your years worth of delicious avo on toast."

Along with the obvious avo toast, this property also features stone flooring, bespoke cabinetry and air conditioning, so it's basically the biggest steal of the century. Of course, all we here at Food Envy really care about is the avo toast, because at the end of the day, that's all that really matters, right?

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