Aldi will release Gin filled mince pies this Christmas

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, the number of Christmas based musings I write will surely grow in number. I'm not complaining, if anything I'm bragging because I get a heads up on all the cool stuff you should buy.

If it's not food, it's alcohol and you'll be consuming a lot of both during a lot of the festive season so you need to keep your financial wits about you.

Being thrifty with food at Christmas comes in handy when you need to buy all those presents for people you don't even like. It also helps when you have to buy food for everyone when you may not even particularly like it. Case in point, mince pies.

Regardless of whether you're a fan of the festive pastry or not, you cannot argue that they are a staple of the season. You'd be wise to think about what supermarket you're buying them from too.

Aldi has just made choosing a lot easier this Christmas as they have stated that they will be releasing new mouthwatering Sloe gin mince tarts. In case you haven't been formally introduced, Sloe gin is a red liqueur made with gin and Sloe drupes, a small relative of the plum.

Their new take on a traditional classic is a kind of food and drink hybrid pie, and while the concept of sprinkling your pudding with a little festive spirit isn’t exactly new, Aldi seems to have nailed this pan-substance style dish.

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The Sloe gin mince filling is encased in a tart top with almonds flakes and looks pretty tempting, though I'll just take out the filling and eat the lightly soaked pastry. Aldi have listed the mince pies as "a very sophisticated alternative to the traditional mince pies."

The popularity of Aldi has soared in recent years as shoppers have started to look for a cheaper alternative to other supermarket giants. This product is one of the many that will keep Aldi competing with the market leaders.

If you have a hankering for anything boozy to keep you in a merry spirit during the holiday season you also have the option of gin-filled baubles. The distillery elves at the Lakes Distillery have toiled away in their workshop to design festive spirit-filled baubles, which contain two measures of their finest Mother's ruin.

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The baubles come in a selection of different flavors, featuring The Lakes Gin and The Lakes Sloe Gin, which has tasting notes of raspberry jam, cinnamon, orange citrus with hints of juniper and coriander – and The Lakes Damson Gin, which is made using fresh cherries, ripe plums and juniper berries with hints of spice.

The baubles, which have an ABV of 43.7 per cent, retail from £19.95 and the mince pies go for £2.99 per box which is pretty steep but they have justified this by calling them tarts. Aldi has announced they’ll be rolling out the new addition to its arsenal very soon as autumn descends. November 14th to be precise.