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Aldi have recalled 38,000 bags of vegetables after a grandma discovered something scary

We all know how hard it is to stay true to your healthy meal plan, especially after January. You know you have to do exercise and eat well but the call for pizza and Five Guys just gets stronger and stronger, even if it's easy to pick up a pack of veggies from the grocery store.

Fans of the alternative, low-priced store Aldi may want to rethink picking up your vegetables from the grocery store, especially the frozen variety. The supermarket giant issued a recall for bags after a grandma found bits of rodent in the product while feeding her two-year-old granddaughter lunch.

This led to approximately 38,000 bags of the frozen vegetables to be recalled from its shelves. Talk about a harvest. This one, however, was definitely a bad one.

60-year-old Pat Bateman was going about her normal day, cooking a nutritious meal for her grandchild. She told a national newspaper: "we had eaten almost all of the bag before we saw it – and what’s even worse - I fed it to my youngest granddaughter." The thought of it all left her feeling "physically sick": "It's a wonder none of us ended up physically ill."

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I pulled it out. It just looked like half a rat. It had fur on it. I showed my husband and because it was frozen we left it to defrost before taking another look at it."

Apon realising the nightmare Ratatouille situation, she immediately turned back to her branch of Aldi near Liskeard, Cornwall, where the manager apologised and offered her a £30 ($42.05) voucher off her next shop - something that is useful, but ultimately a weak apology for the potential damage it could cause. I mean, we've heard of spiking food, but someone dying from some form of rat disease is something you hear on the playground, or in medieval history textbooks.

Mrs Bateman didn't feel the company took her complaint seriously enough, so she went to Aldi's head office to find compensation. She laid out her case and she has since been offered £500 ($700.87) in compensation, but Mrs Batemen still doesn't feel this is compensation enough. What makes matters worse for Aldi is that she is not the only one.

According to an internal Aldi report, three complaints were made about "pieces of small rodent" being found in the same product. The German supermarket chain said they had received one customer complaint and two from a national health body over the same batch, and a further report of a mouse portion found in the same product in February 2017.

An Aldi spokesman said: "Following Mrs Bateman’s complaint, we removed this product from sale to prevent any further issues. We have suspended all orders from this production site whilst we investigate this matter."

The mixed veg bag was removed from sale on January 5 as a result. Here's hoping this is the last we hear of this. I only just got used to eating vegetables.