A Girl Scout Troop Leader Stole $15,000 Worth Of Cookies And Then Disappeared

There are some heists that go down in history – crimes that stun the world with their scope, vision and size. Just think of all the goods that criminals have robbed over the years: gold and silver, bearer’s bonds, jewellery, precious stones and priceless antiques.

In the history of theft, however, no-one has ever thought of cookies as being the ultimate prize. That is, until now. This week, one scheming girl scout managed to evade justice and make off with nearly $15,000 worth of chocolate chip-covered baked goods.

Leah Ann Vick, 26, a scout leader in Pike County, Kentucky, has pulled off an astonishing feat of biscuity embezzlement by falsely inflating the number of scouts in her troop, and by setting up fake branches across the state. Utilising these bogus numbers she managed to accrue over $15,000 of baked, crumbly goodness for herself, with the intention of selling them herself for a sizeable profit.

Kentucky State Police Trooper John Gabbard received a formal complaint from the Wilderness Road chapter about the grand cookie theft, but by the time Vick was indicted on charges of “theft by unlawful taking,” she managed to escape with the stolen money and cookies in tow.

Pike County Commonwealth’s Attorney Rick Bartley explained: “Vick came down to Pikeville and picked up somewhere around approximately $15,000 worth of Girl Scout cookies to be taken to be sold. From Gabbard’s investigation, she never paid for those cookies. She has never paid for any of them and, anyone who has tried to contact her about them, has not been able to contact her.”

Bartley added: “The case was a little confusing because she may have picked up cookies for other groups. The ones that she did pick up, at least for her own troop, were never sold by the troop. She picked up the cookies and never took them to them, so we don’t know what she did with them.”

I wonder where she is now? Probably halfway across the border with her confectionary in the trunk of a transit van. Dairies will have to beef up their security – Vick’s going to need a lot of milk!

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