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7 McDonald’s secrets, as revealed by an anonymous employee

What is life without some good food from those iconic Golden Arches? Nothing, of course! The only thing that goes with a good McDonald's, other than a strawberry milkshake, is some juicy inside gossip.

We recently deciphered a recent Reddit AMA with a McDonald's employee in the US but now, it's the turn of a British employee to take to the metaphorical internet stage and spill the beans on the goings-on in the UK.

1. Free sauce is completely dependent on the number of staff

Technically, employees should charge for sauce unless it's provided as a dip for a specific dish (ie chicken nuggets). But if you get the right employee, at the right franchise, they might give you a freebie. Be nice enough, you may even get extra nuggets, or even bacon! As long as the senior staff aren't watching.

2. Staff members do get free food, but not while they're working

It's highly unlikely that you'll catch a Maccy's employee slipping and eating on the job, because it simply isn't allowed. They risk losing their job if they get caught, and most think that isn't worth it. They do get dinner though, and often end up going home with a meal or two, so it's not all bad. They can also benefit from some liberal discounts

3. McDonald's burgers are always cooked exactly the same way

There's a good reason why employees don't ask how you'd like your burger cooked. There's only one way, which is why you always know what you're getting from the Golden Arches, no matter which one you're in. The grill and meat-making tasks are mostly automatic but for some, they're guiding hands.

4.Those stars on the team members' badges represent their different areas of expertise

Team members earn stars for working different sections of the store (for example, the chicken section, the grills, the fryers). There are four to collect before promotion, but not everyone is keen on earning their stars: a lot of staff work part-time while they pursue other careers.

5. Asking for Big Mac sauce always annoys staff

Someone on Reddit asked why McDonald's staff get so annoyed when customers ask for extra Big Mac sauce with a meal, and an employee gave a very honest answer. "It requires extra effort! We have to go get the little tub thing for it, and when you are working the smallest things piss you off."

6. McDonald's does love Monopoly

Even the staff! The promotional Monopoly boxes and cups that arrive in store seasonally offer EVERYONE the chance to win instant prizes (or collect color groups, for even bigger wins).

7. Not everyone is cut out for the service industry

One Reddit user/McDonald's employee had a brilliant story on how to lose your job fast. "The shortest I have ever seen someone work here was about an hour. They were new, got put on the front, and after a customer stood there looking at them waiting for them to ask for their order, they said 'What the f*** are you looking at me for?' They were sacked on the spot." Don't get caught out... and try not to curse at the customers.

I don't know whether I'm happy we didn't get down to "the McFlurry machine is broken" problem, or devastated. Does that mean it's just a myth that has turned into a meme? Does it mean there's a conspiracy? To be honest, as long as that conspiracy doesn't stop me from getting my McNuggets, I think I can live with it.