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7 Famous chefs reveal the unique ways they make scrambled eggs

Eggs are simple to make but for that reason, they can also be the most difficult to prepare in practice. There are so many tricks to cooking the perfect egg and to be honest, what you choose is down to personal preference.

The world's most famous chefs have their own methods. While you may expect these chefs to go all out with exotic egg recipes, extravagant cooking methods or over the top ingredients, their tips and tricks for making scrambled eggs are, would you guess, simple AF. Here are seven of the best, straight from the horse's (chef's) mouth.

1. Martha Stewart

Unlike so many other chefs, Stewart doesn't use anything but eggs for her scrambled eggs. "If you have really good eggs, you don't need anything in the eggs at all," she said in a cooking video on her website. For her recipe, the most important factors are low heat and constant motion. To get the perfect batch you simply have need to keep the eggs moving once you've dropped them into a buttered skillet.

2. Bobby Flay

Known for adding goats cheese to some of his eggs, Bobby has kept it simple for this one. If you want the most basic Bobby Flay recipe for a scramble, look no further than his brunch-worthy eggs. His special ingredients for "the best-scrambled eggs" are smoked salmon, scallions, and goat cheese butter.

3. Chrissy Teigen

This model-turned-chef has made waves with her new cookbook, but her scrambled egg recipe comes to you straight from Instagram. In a recent post, Teigen told followers how to make cheesy scrambled eggs without any cheese. Her trick? A "hearty splash" of heavy cream.

4. Alton Brown

Alton's straightforward recipe calls for the addition of whole milk, but he really stresses the importance of cooking them in the middle of the pan and serving them on a warm plate.

5. Gordon Ramsay

A unique aspect of Ramsay is his go-to scrambled egg recipe. This renowned chef uses crème fraîche for a creamier scrambled egg and says to serve it over toast. It's not the easiest recipe ever, but those who have tried it claim that the eggs will melt in your mouth.

6. Tyler Florence 

Florence posted an Instagram back in 2012 briefly detailing how to make an ideal batch of scrambled eggs, but since then, he's upped his egg game. His new method includes adding one single yolk to the batch. "I make scrambled eggs and omelettes the same way. It's three eggs and one yolk, so it's rich and very, very yellow," he said to Popsugar. "I'll drop them into a pan with whole butter, probably a tablespoon. I also like to stir a little crème fraîche or sour cream into the eggs, and good sea salt."

7. Emeril Legasse

As press for his Essential Emeril cookbook released in 2015, Emeril shared three need-to-know rules for cooking the perfect batch of scrambled eggs: whisking well, waiting until the right moment to stir, and serving them on a warm plate.

There we have it, simple tricks to make arguably the tastiest, healthiest breakfast out there. If you choose wisely at lunch and dinner, you could be well on your way to a body transformation.