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6 Angry Italians reveal how Americans are destroying their food

Italy is known for its cuisine so it's no surprise Italians are passionate about their food. If you want to know whether your Italian cooking skills are any good @ItalianComments (Italians mad at food) is a good place to gauge it. It probably won't, however, be the way you expect.

This particular Twitter account shares Facebook comments from very angry Italians yelling at Americans about all the ways we’ve bastardized Italian cuisine. The account bio reads: “if you don’t care about how we cook stick to your Burgers and Leave our dishes alone,” and the location is cheekily listed as “wherever pasta is oppressed.”

If you hadn’t already had the masochistic pleasure of following this account, consume at your pleasure. For context, a lot of the comments frequently mention Tasty, BuzzFeed’s brand that cranks out food videos, so its safe to assume they are the target of a lot of this vitriol.

1. Rhee Drummond roast

We start with a seemingly anonymous attack at first but it becomes pretty apparent that this tweet is about Pioneer Woman, aka Rhee Drummond.

2. Breaking pasta in half = bad

The logic behind breaking pasta in half is arguably sound: if it weren't meant to be broken, why are there no pots big enough for spaghetti? It seems like it doesn't matter to Italians. Or rather it does, quite a bit.

3. Pineapple on pizza = bad

"When an American puts pineapple on pizza an Italian dies, a minute of silence for this misfortune, say no to the violence suffered by the pizzas" How poetic. Don't let them know about this clown and his strawberries.

4. One-pot pasta = bad

One pot pasta dishes: great for saving time, meal prepping for the week and feeding an entire family. To Italians, however, you might as well have slapped their mothers with salami.

5. Chicken in pasta = very bad

This qualm is highly dependent on particular regions of Italy, but that doesn't mean you can't royally piss someone off. I can feel the tears in the poor chap's plea below.

6. Not using fresh mozzarella = bad

"Every time Tasty show a slice of cheese called "mozzarella(sic), in Italy a Cow die." Despite the poor grammar, the rage is all too apparent in this disgruntled fella.

Bonus: one final roast for luck

Of all the bad things said about America in modern history, this is arguably up there with the worst.

One thing's for sure. You'll think twice about ever breaking your pasta in half again.