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5 foods you should eat if you’re trying to make a baby

While I have no inclination whatsoever to have a baby anytime soon I will always feel obligated to help people eat and live better. And that includes those trying for a baby.

Research shows that baby-makers should be taking selenium, a mineral strongly correlated with fertility and even preventing the growth of cancer. However, too much selenium has been associated with an increased risk of type two diabetes as well as certain cancers like prostate and skin cancer.

The best way to get selenium at beneficial levels (and make sure you are not overdoing it) is to consume it in our food. Most people are able to meet their average recommended intake simply through their diets, but if you are on the low side, consider adding these five foods to your shopping list.

1. Brazil nuts

Far and away, Brazil buts are the best source of selenium. With a baby-making 544 micrograms per ounce (around six to eight nuts)

2. Fish 

Most fish have a naturally high level of selenium but tuna far outswims the rest. It has 95 mcg per serving (3 ounces) and if you are particular about where you source your fish, you can find some that have lower levels of heavy metals. All beneficial to the baby making process.

3. Pork, beef, and poultry

Like fish, meat is rich in selenium. Ham, for example, has 42 mcg per serving, beef has 33 mcg, turkey has 31mcg and chicken has 22 mcg. Again like fish, try and opt for an organic, sourceable meat.

4. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is delicious and not only comes with a healthy 20 mcg of selenium, but it has 103 mg of calcium per four-ounce serving too. A pretty tasty addition to a good dish of macaroni cheese.

5. Grains 

Rice, oats, and even breakfast cereals like corn flakes contain selenium. Rice and oatmeal are the best grain-based sources but make sure you prepare your grains well to get the best benefits.

With these foods added to your diet, hopefully, baby making gets a little bit easier. Keep those selenium levels high (but not too high) and get yourself in the mood for baby-making with foods that will boost your sex drive.