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22 Food Facts That Are Essentially Too True For Life

When it comes to the unrivalled, wondrous experience that is eating, there are a few facts about food that most of us can agree upon. We all need a balanced diet in order to be healthy, tomatoes and cucumbers are both fruits (not vegetables), and chocolate was used as a currency back in South America in 250 AD. When it comes to food, though, there are some things that can't quite be explained (or corroborated by scientists) that you just know. 

In many walks of life, I've found that there are some foods or beverages that just taste better in certain situations, even though I have no way of telling. Before you go accusing me of spreading fake news, however, have a look at these examples and tell me I'm wrong.

1. Pizza always tastes better reheated the next day (this goes for pasta too)

2. Those rogue french fries at the bottom of the bag are the tastiest of all

3. For optimal enjoyment, consume the torso of an animal cracker last 

4. Never eat a cheese string without pulling it apart first. What, were you raised by wolves?

5. Rainbow candy is best consumed color by color. Bonus points if it's in order too!

6. We all know that free food tastes the best

7. Coke in a glass bottle tastes better in a plastic or metal container

8. That being said, syrup mixers like you'd find in a fast food restaurant are a new level of delicious

9. I can't quite explain it, but macaroni shapes are way better than their regular counterparts

10. If you're not drinking Gatorade in this bottle, you're officially missing out on life

11. It shouldn't be, but chocolate-coloured M&Ms somehow taste the most like chocolate

12. What is it about dinosaur nuggets that makes them taste better than regular chicken nuggets?

13. Apple slices: easier to consume, not to mention tastier too

14. A sandwich always taste better when somebody else makes it for you

15. It's even better when it's cut in diagonal slices

16. I don't know why, but those folded-over potato chips always taste so delightful

17. Every brand of bottled water tastes different, for some reason (and I think Evian is the king)

18. Something about drinking through a straw just enhances the beverage experience, doesn't it?

19. If you're going to order a Chinese takeaway, order that baby in a giant styrofoam container

20. Or at least, make sure to eat it using chopsticks (if you can)

21. The flat, unbroken Dorito: the food equivalent of the four-leaved clover

22. Oh, and of course, every bowl of breakfast cereal is better enjoyed in the evening

You might think I'm crazy, but if you're feeling skeptical, I'd like to invite you to try each one of these out, and I dare you to tell me I'm wrong. All of these foods and drinks are among the most unique culinary experiences, but after you've tried them in these new ways, your mind will be blown