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16 Things Pizza Hut Had In The 90s That We Wish They’d Bring Back

One of the most quintessential parts of life in the 90s was taking a trip to Pizza Hut. The red-roofed restaurant with its delicious baked pies and bountiful ice cream provided many people with happy evenings as they enjoyed the comparatively simple pleasures of life in the 90s - like, y'know, spending a solid 40 minutes deciding which VHS to rent at Blockbuster.

And while the restaurant still exists, it's sadly not the phenomenon it once was. Nowadays, the pizza giant's slice of, well, pizza consuming customers is a lot smaller thanks to the likes of Dominoes and Papa John's. According to analysts, the chain has struggled to keep its popularity with the younger generation who prefer to order their pizza online.

To remind yourself of Pizza Hut ads in the 90s, check out the video below for the ultimate flashback:

So, in the spirit of 90s nostalgia, especially now that the first 90s babies will be entering their 30s just next year (my hair is getting greyer as I type this), here are 16 things which you could at Pizza Hut in days gone by that we wish they'd bring back!

1. The red roof

Ah, the sign that you were in for a good, cheesy and ice cream filled night! Many restaurants still have their old red roof, but more modern chains don't honor this iconic tradition.

2. This "Please Wait to be Seated Sign" tells you everything about its 90s decor

Oh and that salad bar. My mouth's salivating just looking at it.

3. These incredible chandeliers

I bet these bad boys would sell for a pretty penny on eBay.

4. These oddly shaped red cups

Because what's pizza without soda?

5. This mascot from the Pizza Hut commercials

You're a liar if you didn't try to recreate this face in the restaurant at least once.

6. Pizza Hut's bizarre, but oh so wonderful options

We all fell prey to more than few gimmicks in the 90s.

7. The thick and filling P'Zones

The only problem with ordering them was that you'd have less room for the ice cream machine.

8. Who could forget the Big New Yorker pizza?

Sharing this with friends was a bonding experience like no other.

9. This motivation to read if you were a kid

Pizza is the ultimate motivator - and remains one for us 90s babies.

10. Pizza + arcade games = a truly winning combination

More restaurants these days should have tabletop arcade games like these.

11. Pizza Hut's very flimsy crayons

If they were still intact by the time your meal arrived, you were a 90s Picasso.

12. Pizza Hut's toys

I lost count of the number of times that I made my parents rent The Land Before Time on VHS.

13. PizzaNet!

The world's first online pizza ordering service.

14. Pizza Hut really was an experience 

Bring back crane machines. The excitement when you finally win a toy is unparalleled. I still have my crane Pikachu from 1998!

15. Pizza Hut's finger puppets

If you were a parent of young children, Pizza Hut really did provide the entertainment for you.

16. The slogan's many iconic slogans

"Gather 'round the good stuff" and "The best pizzas under one roof."

Now, I don't know about you, but after taking this trip down memory lane, I want nothing more than a time machine. A simpler night out with my friends - where there's no risk of anyone burying their head in their phone the whole time - sounds like a dream. Oh, and pizza, let's not forget the pizza, and challenging yourself to pretty much empty Pizza Hut's ice cream machine.