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13 Food Arguments So Strong They’ll Make Or Break Most Friendships, Probably

There's few things we get as passionate about as we do with food. When we're hungry, we can become moody and angry, and when it comes to what we love the most, there's no chance we're letting it go. So when someone comes up to you and suggests what you're enjoying is actually gross, or that your way of eating is wrong, things might kick off.

Similarly, if you see someone doing something you couldn't do in a million years, then it can be pretty hard to keep your mouth shut. Once it's out in the open, arguments will be had, and there's little chance of them being resolved any time soon. But there may be some things you didn't even know were up for debate. So have a browse through this list of the hot-button topics and see where you land.

1. Do you eat mac and cheese with a spoon or a fork?

2. Should a burger have pickles or not?

3. Are oysters gross or delicious?

4. Pineapple on your pizza?

5. Do you eat the crust or leave it?

6. Do you have your eggs with ketchup or without?

7. Do you like mouldy cheeses?

8. Corn: on or off the cob?

9. Crispy or soggy cereal?

10. Do you like mayo in your sandwich?

11. Is a peanut butter sandwich better with honey or jelly?

12. Do you prefer white or dark chocolate?

13. Is it okay to drink red wine with fish?

I know where I land on these issues, but where do you sit? It may be worth bringing these issues up with your friends and family, though we hope no wars break out on the subject of pineapple on pizza. It has happened before.

Conflict can arise from all sorts of things, much like the timeĀ this family was removed from a JetBlue flight over an argument about a birthday cake.