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13 Bizarre Pizza Toppings From Around The World

Everyone has their own personal favorite pizza topping. From your basic pepperoni to a classic four cheese variety, there's not really much difference in offerings between pizza shops across America.

Sure, we've all given Hawaiian pizza a try, but what about the pizzas served further afield? How about all the weird and wacky options from Japan, or Australia's crocodile meat offering? Well, have no fear, because the following list should well and truly fill you in on the world's strangest pizza toppings. Just don't blame me if you're now desperate to visit Finland to give their reindeer pizza a try.

1. The Australian kangaroo pizza 

If you feel like eating a kangaroo is something you'd really love to tick off your bucket list, why not try it on top of a pizza? As you'd expect, Australia is the place to go for this rather wacky topping.

2. Sweden's banana curry pizza

Swedes combine peanuts, bananas and pineapple and top with plenty of curry powder for this famously weird pizza.

3. Russia's four fish pizza

Forget four cheeses, because four fish is where it's at. Named the Mockba pizza after the Russian word for Moscow, this odd variety comes served with sardines, tuna, mackerel and salmon. It's served cold, and often comes topped with roe for an even stronger fishy flavor.

4. Finland's reindeer pizza

Kotipizza Oyj, Finland's largest pizza chain, sells a pizza topped with smoked reindeer, tomato, cheese, chanterelle and red onion. The pizza was named Pizza Berlusconi after Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who moaned about having to "endure" Finnish cuisine and joked about Finns eating "marinated reindeer" back in 2005.

5. Scotland's haggis pizza

If you know anything about Scotland, you'll know that the Scots love their haggis. The traditional savoury pudding is made from the heart, liver and lungs of sheep, and is often sold encased in an animal's stomach. Sounds appetizing, doesn't it? In fact, haggis pizza is so popular that you can even buy a frozen version from the supermarket.

6. Japan's squid ink pizza

The Japanese love their sea food-themed pizzas, and this squid ink pizza is no exception. The deep black squid ink is generally blended with tomato sauce to create a dish with a subtly fishy flavor. Just make sure you brush your teeth well after eating, or you might end up with squid-ink-stained teeth.

7. Costa Rica's coconut and shrimp pizza

Although it might look like grated cheese, that white stuff is actually shredded coconut. Served alongside shrimp, coconut is a very popular pizza topping of choice in Costa Rica.

8. Japan's eel pizza

Japan is known for its unusual pizza toppings, but eel might be a step too far for even the most adventurous pizza eaters among us. Thankfully, it's not served raw - the eel is usually baked or fried before putting it onto a pizza.

9. America's chocolate and marshmallow pizza

In the USA and want to check the chocolate and marshmallow pizza out for yourself? All you need to do is head to Max Brenner's chocolate bar in New York, where these sugary delights are served on the regular.

10. The Philippines' mango pizza

Guimaras Island in the Philippines is home to a mango-topped pizza. Apparently, it's delicious. I'm not so sure.

11. Australia's saltwater crocodile pizza

Thought the kangaroo pizza was enough Aussie-themed pizza for one day? Well, think again, because the Australian Heritage Hotel serves a pizza topped with crocodile meat.

12. Japan's mayonnaise pizza

Mayo jaga is a popular pizza in Japan. It comes topped with mayonnaise, bacon, corn, potatoes and onion. In fact, it's so popular that you can even get it at Domino's.

13. Japan's Shirako pizza

Okay, okay, so you've probably noticed that Japan has featured rather heavily on this list. However, you'll be please to know that I've saved the weirdest Japanese pizza until last. In English, Shirako is known as cod milt, a polite term which hides that fact that this is essentially fish sperm.

Who knew pizza could be quite so weird? I now feel like my bog standard mighty meaty is letting the side down. Anyone know where I could get my hands on a haggis slice or two instead?