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10 Fruits and vegetables you should never, ever buy organic

When you have the dough to spend, it's always better to chuck some organic produce in your shopping cart, right? Well, while it works as a general rule, there are some exceptions that we should all note before we go on a health-driven spending spree.

The Environmental Working Group just released its 2018 Shoppers' Guide to Pesticides in Produce, listing fifteen of the "cleanest" fruits and vegetables that have the least pesticides. Looking at over 10,000 samples that the USDA and the Food and Drug Administration took from popular fruit and veg, they found out the produce that there really isn't much point in buying organic.

1. Eggplants

A maximum of three pesticide residues was detected on samples of eggplants, which is much lower than most fruit and veg.

2. Mangoes

USDA tests revealed that no more than two pesticides were found on conventionally-grown mangoes. 78 percent of all samples had none at all.

3. Asparagus

90 percent of asparagus samples had no pesticide residues.

4. Papayas

750 samples of papayas were tested, and none had more than three pesticides.

5. Frozen Sweet Peas

No samples of frozen sweet peas had more than two pesticides.

6. Onions

Pesticide residue was found on less than 10 percent of onion samples.

7. Cabbages

86 percent of cabbage samples contained no pesticides.

8. Pineapples

Five different pesticides were detected on a sample size of over 350 pineapples.

9. Sweet corn

Less than two percent of the total samples were found to have any detected pesticides.

10. Avocados

Good news, millennials! Less than one percent of avocados tested positive for pesticides, and only one pesticide was found on any of the sample, which included 360 avocados.

So, while it's good to keep your eyes peeled for organic produce, you don't need to be doing it with every single item on your shopping list. If you're looking to cut a little cost here and there, you can grab any avocado you like.