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The 10 Coolest Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew You Wanted

We all spend our lives looking for ways to make things that little bit quicker and easier, and cooking is one of those activities we typically look to cut down on. If you work a full time job and have commitments outside of work, finding time to craft a nice home cooked meal can be pretty tough. In between going to work, going to the gym, and going down your local bar, what you eat tends to take a back seat and you end up splurging on the like of McDonald's and whatever you can get in under 30 minutes on deliveroo.

However, there are some products that can help make your life that little bit easier. Kitchen gadgets are all the rage right now due to the fact that more and more people have extremely busy schedules, and these nifty devices can help make your time at the oven a little less stressful. So sit back, relax and get ready to drop over $100 on the crazy little devices.

1. A Singing Pasta Timer

Chef Al Dente is a waterproof pasta timer, who lets you know when your pasta is ready by serenading you. Long gone are the days of burning your fingers and your mouth as you pick one bit of spaghetti out of the water to sample; simply chuck Mr Al Dente in the boiling water and get back to watching your programme: he'll do the rest.

2. A Melon Scoop

Melon is not only nutritional, it is also delicious. However, getting a slice of the good stuff can be annoying: you have to run a knife under the skin, being careful not to break it and you always end up ruining the segment. Not any more! Thanks to this handy little invention, you can chuck out the knives and just scoop the slice out with ease, and because there is no blade, it's also perfect for kids!

3. This Helpful Bacon Grill

The Nostalgia Express Bacon Grill allows you to grill your bacon without the hassle of flipping it. Essentially it's just an upright griddle cooker, but it also drains the fat from the meat onto a drip tray, making it good for those of us who like to be a little healthy now and then.

4. The Butter Cutter

Right, well this might be the most handy thing ever invented. The One Click Butter Cutter allows you to make perfect little squares of butter for your toast, and will save your family from continuous arguments over the amount of crumbs that get into the butter and the ways in which you should be slicing it.

5. Pulled Pork Claws

Is this possibly the coolest kitchen gadget you've seen? If, like me, you're a fan of slow cooking, you'll know how frustrating it is to get home, open your slow cooker and remember that you've still got to shred all the meat inside. However, these claws allow you to shred in super quick time and look like wolverine while doing it, so it's a complete win-win situation.

6. One-Step Corn Kerneler

Cutting the kernels off of corn is one of the great mysteries in life. There seems to be not one method that guarantees success, and instead you end up with corn all over your kitchen that ends up sitting there for weeks. Not anymore, this device gets rid of all those kernels in one quick sweep... genius!

7.  The Spaghetti Measurer

This fun measuring tool allows you to know how much spaghetti is suitable for a kid, an adult or, well... a dinosaur? However, it is super useful, as let's be honest, none of us know how much spaghetti we're meant to use when cooking.

8. Egg Separator

How annoying is separating eggs? It is so long-winded and not something you want to be faffing around with when you get home from a long day at work. These cute little fishies take the stress out of the chore and do all the hard work for you.

9. Rollie Egg Machine

The Rollie is a clever kit for the ultimate lazy cook. Simply chuck your beaten eggs in the rollie, turn it on, and you'll have two perfectly shaped omelettes in a matter of minutes. The McDonald's breakfast now has some serious competition!

10. GarlicZoom Garlic Chopper

At last, a cure to stinky garlic fingers! Place your peeled garlic cloves inside this nifty contraption, roll it across your countertop to get the blades spinning, and you'll have chopped garlic in a matter of seconds.

And there we have it, 10 nifty gadgets to make your cooking life much easier. However, this does mean that there is no more excuses as to why you ended up buying a McDonald's after your gym session the other day... shame.