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A drive-thru worker got hilarious revenge on a YouTube prankster

There's plenty of people out there online who will record themselves pranking strangers, friends or loved ones for millions of views and subscribers. Regardless of whether you find practical jokes funny or not, you have to admit there's a pretty big audience for them online.

Personally, I'm not a massive fan of pranks (or indeed prank videos) and sometimes, it's nice to see the pranksters get their comeuppance. Sometimes, that's down to the various long-suffering loved ones getting their own back. Other times, it's because their ostensibly insurmountable prank proficiency backfires. Spectacularly.

There are plenty of people who, while undeserving of such public humiliation, are fair game for a good pranking, like random passers-by or your closest friends. A fast food worker, in pretty much any guise, are not one of them. They work long, difficult hours for relative peanuts, and they have to deal with hungry, angry people, which is pretty far from anyone's dream job.

While they're at the grind, they have pretty much two requisites: be polite, and don't, for the love of all things deep fried, annoy them for entirely no reason. That's what happened with the YouTubers Dynamic Duo TV, who found out the hard way that fast food workers have absolutely no time for shenanigans.

These two jokers were expecting to have a pretty good laugh when they showed up at this Taco Bell drive-thru, where they had quite the nefarious prank planned: surprise the restaurant server with a very loud train horn. Plenty of laughs to be had for all. At least in theory.

What the Dynamic Duo probably weren't expecting, though, was for the Taco Bell employee to be in absolutely no mode for their horseplay. Instead of laughing off the prank in a slightly embarrassed manner, she instead decides the best course of action is to throw the contents of a large Dr Pepper over the pranker's lap. I tend to think she was right.

The pranker has become the prank-ee! Driving off in a huff with no small amount of expletives directed at the fast food server, it's perhaps no surprise that they'd have such a visceral reaction to getting a taste of their own medicine. After all, they're the prank masters! It's not funny when it happens to them!

The funny thing (pun not intended) about humor is that it's completely subjective. Some people love the Simpsons; others swear by the Big Bang Theory. We all have something that makes us laugh. I think, however, that there are very few practical jokes that are actually funny. A lot of the time, they can be hurtful, not to mention pretty upsetting for the unsuspected people involved.

I don't know who the Dynamic Duo are, nor if they ever went back to this fast food server and apologized, but what I do know is this: as long as they continue to prank, they're never going to forget this Taco Bell worker. The bill for the car's upholstery will probably see to that.