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YouTube have banned a food vlogger after he ate something pretty disgusting on camera

In the weird and wonderful world of YouTube, it's fair to say that you've got a wide range of video content for your eyeballs to enjoy, and when it comes to food, that goes double.

Whether you're looking at Cooking with Dog, the adorable Japanese channel with no small number of dog-based humor, or the likes of Epic Meal Time - where you can watch a group of friends brazenly flirt with heart disease with some huge fast food concoctions - there's something for everyone if you're looking for cool food stuff online.

There's plenty of culinary content to enjoy, but like with most genres of video on YouTube, there's a certain subsection of vloggers who make videos that are creative to the point of cringeworthy. As is nature, some of these vloggers can take it way, way too far, and creator Kevin Strahle found that earlier this week after a particularly daring video.

You might know Strahle better as the YouTuber LA Beast, who's best known for putting his notorious iron stomach to the test, whether that be through eating a heart-stopping number of calories, eating incredibly spicy food (like, for example, eating 13 ghost chillis at once) or drinking a bottle of the now-defunct Crystal Pepsi from 1993.

It, uh... did not go well.

Anyway, that's an idea of what LA Beast gets up to in front of the camera, and as you can see, there are very things he won't shove in his mouth for his noble and dedicated YouTube fans. So when it emerged that LA Beast was slapped with a three-month livestream ban from YouTube, it was interesting to see what it was that pushed the video website over the edge.

According to sources, LA Beast was taken off of livestreaming after he attempted to gobble down a cockroach, live on YouTube. The video in question (which you can see below) was actually posted in 2013, but it flared up on YouTube's algorithms to the point where his channel has now been restricted.

In the wake of the recent Logan Paul controversy (where the vlogger uploaded a video featuring footage of a suicide victim) and the lack of retribution so far from YouTube in the aftermath, fellow channel Wreckless Eating (which has also been the victim of sanctions on YouTube) called out the website for their decision.

"So @youtube promoted the showing of a suicide on their trending page with no punishment to @LoganPaul but banned @KevLAbeast from live streaming for 3 months because he ate a dead cockroach. This is really the current state of youtube. Any response @TeamYouTube?"

This is the part of a wider discussion about food videos, and whether they might be part of the website's new trends toward a certain of audience. While LA Beast's content may not be to everybody's tastes (creatively or otherwise), it will be interesting to see how videos like his will be treated, in comparison to somebody like Logan Paul.