Your Favorite Nestle Candy Bars Could Disappear From Shelves Soon

Ok, don't panic, but this has the potential to be devastating. Nestlé, the Swiss giant and creator of essentially all things delicious, is considering selling its U.S. confectionary business after failing to increase profits in the last four years. That's right, some your movie theater favorites (including Butterfingers! gasp!) may soon become unavailable. Nestlé released the news in a press release, in which they said that they will "explore strategic options for its U.S. confectionery business, including a potential sale."

So, what exactly would happen if Nestlé were to sell its U.S. business? Well, the candy products we all know and love wouldn't necessarily be off of shelves forever, but they could change depending on who the buyer is. The buyer would have the choice to change the brand names, of course, but more importantly (for our purposes) they would have the choice to change the recipes as well. Which would be upsetting, to say the least.


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