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You Can Now Get A Job Drinking Whisky And Travelling The Globe

For many of us, having the chance to sit down with a drink at the end of the work week is one of life's pleasures. Being able to relax or go out partying, is essential to staying sane. Even if you love your job, finding a way to let off some steam on the weekend is crucial to keeping you working without too much grumbling come Monday morning.

Whether it be a chilled night in with a glass of whisky in hand or a night of clubbing, drinking and dancing until the early hours, it's one of the most popular pastimes of the modern world for good reason.

Alcohol, for all the hangovers you get, can provide a great time and acts as a fantastic social lubricant.

But what if I told you that you could make a living out of it? No longer working all week to get to your desired alcoholic beverage, you could socialise and drink all day and get paid for the privilege.

I know, it sounds like it is far too good to be true, but honestly - this is a real job you can apply to today.

The Scottish whisky company Grant's has announced they have a new position available: the global drinks ambassador. That's right - you can travel the world, go to events, and all the drinking you do will not just be allowed, it will be essential to the role.

Not so bad for a full-time job if you ask me.

For the role you'll need to do some research so you can prove that you have some knowledge of the company. Plus, you'll have to have some experience and skills in socialising at events and making contacts. To make it through you will first have to make it through two rounds of interviews.

Using social media, you have to make a drink using the whisky and post it onto Instagram with the hashtag #GrantsInterview, proving your ability to describe and sell the drink. Out of those who make this post, 250 people will be picked, and applications will be accepted from these winners.

Whittled down to 20 people, this group will be taken to the original distillery in Dufftown in Scotland for a two-night stay at a hotel, where they will face a number of challenges. From there it comes down to three people. In October, one will be sent to Poland, Israel and India; one will be sent to South Africa, Colombia, and the Nordics; and the last will be sent to Russia, France and Taiwan.

While staying in these countries they will represent Grant's, organising events, informing people about the brand and encouraging them to buy the drink. And of course, you will be drinking the whisky yourself. Upon their return the best candidate will be chosen to be the global drinks ambassador, and will continue to live the high life.

If you're interested in the job, you can apply here, where you can also see the full list of requirements. You have until the August 31 to get involved, and it may just change your life.