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You Can Finally Eat and Drink like Ariel at This Magical Mermaid Cafe

Unless you've been living in a black hole at the bottom of your garden for the past few months, you'll know what kind of fantasy food age we're all living right now. It all started with Starbucks' now infamous Unicorn Frappuccino. The multicoloured beverage wowed us all, and then the trend continued to thrive with the Dragon and Mermaid versions of the icy cold, vibrantly-coloured drink.

Then, when Unicorn noodles and macaroons hit the internet, things go kicked in to 12th gear, and when you thought it was over, a cafe menu dedicated to mermaid food has clambered out of the deep ocean. Creme & Sugar cafe in California - home of the Unicorn Hot Chocolate - are serving up a magical menu complete with mostly turquoise-coloured food, edible pearls and glitter.

So what exactly can you order in this mystical food establishment fit for a Disney princess? Owner and creator, Joanna Czikalla, will be offering up food items like Mermaid Shaved Ice, Mermaid Water (blue Hawaiian lemonade – which tastes like ‘blue raspberry coconut lime’ – with sea-salt cream), floats, shakes and ombre cakes.

But is there a method behind the madness? Czikalla claims to have a very simple motive behind her  dedication: She has "always wanted to be a mermaid". Seems like a legitimate reason to me. The brand new menu, which is sure to thrill many a lucky Californian, has been in the works since December when the cafe owner found herself in full-blown mermaid mode a little too early in the year. "I thought I couldn’t do mermaid until mermaid season," she told Cosmo.

Czikalla told Cosmo that she is hoping her mermaid cafe will be every bit as popular as the unicorn food craze. Going on my latest Instagram newsfeed, I don't think she has much to worry about at all.