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XX Things That Happen When Your Friend Gets Married

To some the apotheosis of a life well lived, marriage is still a key component of our 21st century lives.

Though the concept might feel a little outmoded to some, and despite continually climbing divorce rates, many are willing to burden themselves with the considerable financial and romantic commitment that marriage presents.

The wedding day represents a poignant milestone in the life of millions.  "The happiest day of my life" is how that day is often described, though quite why anyone would want to put a cap on such a concept strikes me as more than a little strange.

Regardless, the dewy eyed and loved up amongst us continue to get married, agreeing to a list of frankly alarming vows in the process. The wedding day, though, can be a poignant one for more than just the happy couple in question.

For the closest friends of those getting married, the day itself can provide something of an unexpected emotional jolt. After all, how could anything be quite the same once they sail off with their beau into the sunset without so much as a backward glance?