17 Horrifying Pictures Of Fruit and Vegetables That Sprouted Way Too Early 

The never-ending cycle of birth, decay and death governs all life on planet earth. Biology lessons teach us that every living organism must face the repercussions of the passage of time. And indeed, our health and physical appearance undoubtedly end up paying the price. Yes, we all have to accept that one day our skin will no longer be smooth and wrinkle free. In fact, we will probably end up sprouting grey hairs and have to contend with saggy jowls.

Food, of course, is subject to the same rules. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the sight of some rotting fruit or veg. You buy a bag of potatoes, inevitably forget about them and then come back to the scene of a veritable alien invasion: the potatoes have sprouted so terrifyingly that they resemble mutant alien life-forms. Unfortunately, it isn’t just potatoes that have the potential for such horror, all of the flora and fauna in the world can prove to be nightmare-inducing.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

1. This carrot is growing carrots! 

2. I can never look at strawberries in the same way 

3. Yes, these are potatoes 

4. I know, they look more like monsters 

5. I didn’t know tomatoes could do this either 

6. There are no words for this atrocity 

7. This avocado has another avocado growing inside of it 

8. Ditto with this bell pepper 

9. Something’s not right about this coconut 

10. Apples should NOT look like this 

11. This papaya has seeds sprouting inside of it 

12. Here are some more mutant strawberries to round out the week… 

13. Don’t worry, it gets worse 

14. Don’t use this in your stir fry… 

16. Or something that looks like this… 

17. I’m definitely going to be having nightmares tonight 

Well, I don’t know about you but I am seriously grossed out. Mother nature definitely has a weird sense of humour.

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