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Woman Tries To Prove Her Dog Is Vegetarian On Live TV, Instantly Regrets It

Everybody knows that dogs love meat. Despite the fact our beloved pets are now domesticated, they still carry many instincts of their wild ancestors, who would hunt other animals for their supper. This is why your adorable and fluffy toy poodle will drop the cute act in seconds when a juicy steak comes into view. It's feeding time!

So when dog owner, Lucy Carrigan placed her dog on a meat-free diet, claiming her husky wanted to go vegetarian, more than just a few people were raising their eyebrows. Her actions even led her to appear on the UK daytime talk show This Morning to discuss her decision.

Carrigan claimed her husky, called Storm, suddenly became turned off from her regular food this past summer and Carrigan took that as a sign that her beloved pooch wanted to become a vegetarian. She then began swapping out Storm's meaty meals for vegetarian dog food and leftover veggies each day.

However, when Storm was offered a bowl of vegetables and a bowl of meat during the interview, Carrigan was left rather red-faced.

Check out the video below to see the "vegetarian" dog leave his owner feeling rather embarrassed:

In response, Carrigan said: "Oh you little... I didn’t swear. In fairness, the weather has cooled down quite dramatically. During the summer months, she just went off her food, strangely. I’m certainly not one of those - I’m not vegetarian, I’m not a vegan - far from it. Though I’ve reduced my meat consumption."

A veterinarian, who was also present during the interview, stated that Carrigan was denying her dog choice and several online commenters accused her of animal cruelty. One wrote, "Animal cruelty, dogs are carnivores," while another added, "I am roaring at Storm the 'vegetarian' dog eating all the meat."

By the end of the interview, Lucy agreed that if Storm wanted to eat meat, then she would begin serving her meat once again. "If this is what she wants then obviously I’m going to adapt accordingly," she said.

Let this be a lesson to any other dog owners out there considering placing their pup on an unnatural diet. Dogs are omnivores. While they do eat vegetables, they also need to eat meat. Perhaps next time, Carrigan should try putting a cat on a veggie diet... though, I don't think that will go well at all either.