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Woman suffers meltdown after being told she couldn’t use a Tim Hortons bathroom

Regardless of your confidence levels, what you do for a living or even what you're asking, it's never a nice feeling being told "no". Rejection is something we've all got to deal with in our daily lives, and although after a while you ostensibly get used to it, there's still that little sting every time it occurs.

We've all been there.

But regardless of the near-ubiquity of rejection in our existence, I think that we've got to find the right ways to handle the feeling properly. That could mean moving constructively on from a job rejection, or accepting that there are other fish in the sea when your crush doesn't want to date you. Taking rejection well can look like a lot of things.

It does not, however, look anything like this Canadian woman in a Tim Hortons, which is a Canadian chain which specializes in coffee and donuts. Try them out if you're ever in Canada. They're delicious. This lady was told she couldn't use the bathroom. She did not take it well, to say the least.

In recent times, a similar incident occurred at a Starbucks, but while that particular story filled you with righteous outrage, I'm struggling to feel the same way about this story.

Yes... that's exactly what you thought you saw. I know. But in case some of you are unable to watch that video (it's already been taken off YouTube for reasons that will become apparent), let's take another look at this; a play-by-play, if you will, of this woman's ever-so-slight overreaction to not being allowed to use a Tim Hortons bathroom.

Here she is, in the middle of an argument about not being allowed into the bathroom with a Tim Hortons employee, which lasted for around 20 seconds. Fresh off of an argument about bathrooms, little does this Tim Hortons employee know that his day is about to get a whole lot worse.

You know what they say: when you've got to go, you've got to go, and this woman responds to not being allowed inside the Tim Hortons bathroom by deciding to make her own bathroom in the Tim Hortons, right there and then. Dropping her pants, this as-yet-unnamed woman decided to drop a deuce right there on the coffee shop floor. I guess she couldn't hold it.

Here's our mystery lady, in a somewhat interesting position as the horrified Tim Hortons employee did the only logical thing you can do in that situation, and called the cops. Why is she in such an unnatural position, you ask? Oh, that's because she's just thrown her poop at the employee. No biggie.

Finally, here's our disgruntled Tim Hortons customer, wiping her soiled hands with a napkin. Y'know, otherwise the whole thing is just gross.

In a twist that shocked absolutely no-one, this Tim Hortons pooper was arrested, and while her identity will not be revealed (allowing her at least a shred of dignity), police confirmed that she's been on their radar, having "dealt with her before".

As for Tim Hortons themselves? They said via a spokesperson that some of their locations have "restricted access policy for restrooms to ensure the well-being of our guests", while confirming that the woman wasn't allowed to use the bathroom due to "past behavior".

"We strive to create a welcoming environment for all of our guests and the communities we serve. We are deeply concerned by this video as the safety of our team members and guests is always a top priority for us."

After being detained for a short period of time, this woman is expected to appear in court at a later date, with prosecutors set to decide whether or not she faces charges for her Tim Hortons meltdown.