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Woman posts disgusting video of live worm crawling inside her Costco fish

We've all had problems with the food we've been served or bought at some point in life. While it's usually a minor inconvenience - a hair in food, poor service etc - but it often feels like you and all of your ancestors have been wronged and someone must answer for it. Sometimes though, there is genuine reason for a wrong to be righted.

A Maryland woman's Facebook post is going viral after she shared a video of what appears to be a live worm wiggling around in the corner of a package of fish she said she purchased at Costco. Gross doesn't begin to cover it.

According to Fox 5 DC, Emily Randolph, from Fredrick, Maryland, said she bought a two-pound package of wild-caught Atlantic cod at Costco last week. Randolph said she bought the fish on February 9, and the package had a sell-by date of February 12. But she said before she opened the package, she noticed the worm inside, and it was still alive.

Randolph recorded the worm and took the video back to Costco. The store gave her a refund, but she was disturbed that the clerk at the store did not seem to think the worm was a bigger deal.

“When we took the video to Costco to get our money back the girl behind the counter said someone had just returned salmon with worms in it. No apologies at all. She acted as if this happens all the time. I’m so grossed out. Check your food people."

Worms are found in fish pretty regularly, because fish pick up parasites as they swim around, and those parasites come along when the fish is caught and processed. Worms are typically removed before fish get in people's shopping carts, but as you've seen, once in a while they get through.

The FDA says that while parasites eaten in raw or undercooked seafood can cause health problems; “the process of heating raw fish sufficiently to kill bacterial pathogens is also sufficient to kill parasites.” The FDA says most seafood should be cooked to an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

The worms might not be harmful to humans if fish and seafood is fully cooked, but Randolph’s video certainly turned some stomachs. The video has been viewed more than 345,000 times and shared nearly 6,000 times, and people’s reactions have been a bit of a seafood medley.

Under the video, one person wrote: “Gag me, yuck!” Another said, “Come on, that’s just extra protein.” Since this piece went viral, Costco has yet to respond to any media outlets. Another supermarket was recently under fire for a customer live recording raw meat being carted in by the front door.

There was also recently a sushi customer who discovered he had a tapeworm after a few sashimis, and a woman who found pieces of rat in her bag of mixed vegetables. Some people shrugged off the new video and figured a few worms were harmless in cooked fish. Others seemed pretty disturbed and might be avoiding fish for a little while.