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Woman Paralyzed After Drinking A Liter Of Soy Sauce

Most of us can attest to having a favorite sauce. Whether you're a massive ketchup fan like my ex, who literally couldn't make a meal without a large dollop, or, like me, a huge hot sauce fan (IMO pizza just isn't the same without it). For many of us, it's what's makes a meal. I mean, could you imagine eating a dry hot dog, or worse, fries? No thank you.

However, as the old saying goes, everything in life, from alcohol to sauce, should be enjoyed in moderation. Case in point, the woman who had a heart attack after consuming a liter of soy sauce.

And yes, I was likely thinking the same thing as you when I heard: was she the world's biggest fan of oriental food? I mean, surely you could only have that much trying to break a noodle-eating record? Well, it turns out that the truth is stranger than any fictional scenario we could imagine.

The 39-year-old American woman, identified only as CG in a case study, got the ill-advised idea of drinking so much soy sauce from the internet after she watched a video that claimed it could cleanse her colon of toxins. And because she was convinced that the government had poisoned her, she decided that it was a great idea.

To discover what happened next, check out the video below:

After drinking the sauce, CG was left with so much sodium in her bloodstream that she went into cardiac arrest. CG had 200g of salt in her blood. To put how dangerous this was into context: that's five times the lethal dose.

In a bid to save her life, doctors worked frantically to reduce the amount of sodium in her bloodstream, but because the amount increased so dramatically when she drank the soy sauce, she suffered permanent nerve damage.

CG's unbelievable story was shared by Dr. Bernard, who talks about medical issues on YouTube with his 862,000 subscribers.

Prior to drinking the sauce, he said that CG's husband had revealed that the 39-year-old was in poor mental and physical health.

Her diet consisted of only white bread and canned fish, something which left her with a severe vitamin deficiency. She had also been hospitalized with suspected paranoid schizophrenia.

CG's husband found her collapsed after she drank the sauce, and in the ambulance to the hospital, she went into cardiac arrest.

When doctors attempted to dilute the sodium levels in her blood, CG drifted in and out of consciousness for three days - suggesting that the treatment was working.

On the fourth day, she was diagnosed with central pontine myelinolysis. This meant that her nerve cells were unable to transmit signals and she was left unable to move, speak or swallow.

According to Dr. Bernard, pictured below, the majority of people would be sick after drinking such a large quantity of soy sauce, preventing a situation like this from occurring in the first place.

And even after puking, they'd be advised by medical professionals to drink large quantities of water to prevent the sodium in their blood from rising to a dangerous level. CG didn't even do this.

"CG had some quality to her that could separate her mind from drinking soy sauce," the doctor said.

Dr. Bernard then added that there was a chance she was an undiagnosed sufferer of coeliac disease, which causes the ingestion of gluten to damage the small intestine.

If this was the case, the doctor continued, then CG's diet of white bread could have aggravated her condition, causing her to become delusional.

The doctor also said that the theory that soy sauce can cleanse the body of toxins is made up of "half-truths" and that it's in no way a medically advised treatment.