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Woman Jailed For Opening A Pack Of Pringles Whilst In A Supermarket

I don't know about you, but I personally find it very difficult to contain myself whilst at the supermarket. It doesn't matter what I enter the store for, I always come away with more. My shopping bags bulge as I walk away, lighter financially, but rich in delicious snacks that are guaranteed to give me temporary joy.

There have even been a few occasions where I have been incapable of waiting to even exit the store. On particularly hungry trips, I have been known to tuck into a punnet of grapes as I browse the store. Of course, I pay for the half-eaten grapes before I leave with my swag bag of sweets and savory treats.

As a child, my mother would give my sister and me a baguette which we would happily chew as she shopped. It afforded her half an hour's solace as she did the family shop, and every time we got to the checkout, the cashier would laugh as my mom handed them the half-mauled breadstick.

However, if we were to do that today, there is a high chance my mom could end up in jail.

Well, at least, that is what happened to 25-year-old Kathleen McDonagh. Her story is slightly more complex, but the outcome nonetheless shocking.

McDonagh is currently facing a four-month prison sentence for opening a $1.50 packet of Pringles in a Tesco's supermarket in Cork, Ireland.

The incident occurred on December 27, 2016, almost two years ago, but it is currently gripping The Emerald Isle for its sheer ludicrousy.

McDonagh had been previously banned from the store in Mahon Point, due to a string of thefts and criminal damage. So when she entered the store on December 27, security immediately approached her.

It was at this point that McDonagh opened the packet of Pringles, doing exactly what security had asked her not to. McDonagh claims she opened the packet so that security had to let her pay for the item, as otherwise she'd have been denied service.

Have you ever wondered how Pringles are made? Then watch this...

An inspector handling the case stated that McDonagh did say at the time: "I opened it so you have to leave me pay for it".

However, he continued to add that "[The Pringles were] not fit for resale with a loss of €1.50." He added that, regardless of the fact that McDonagh wished to pay for the item, "she had no permission to be in the store."

McDonagh's legal team requested leniency from the court given that their client had recently married and several months pregnant. In addition, she'd entered a guilty plea.

The judge decided to hand McDonagh a four-month prison sentence, with two months suspended. Discussing his decision he stated that it was difficult to see her behavior as anything other than "smart Alec behavior".