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Woman destroyed on social media for making chocolate out of her placenta

There's always something that claims to be the next best thing in helping us achieve pure enlightenment, and eating your placenta (hopefully yours, or at least someone you know, or has given you consent to) is nothing new. Plenty of parents do it, and these days people use placenta for a lot of different things.

Some people use it to make smoothies, others keep it to make a placenta-based face mask, and some people use it to throw into the bin because they don't really want much to do with it after their child is born. Which is fair enough.

One thing that is yet to become commonplace, however, is using the placenta to make chocolate. Yup, you read right: chocolate. Kiley Whitworth decided to buck the norm and make her placenta a bit more flavorsome by turning it into some chocolate truffles.

The American mother-of-two paid a professional placenta-preparer called a Doula (hard to believe, I know, but that's actually a real thing) to whip up a batch of the chocolates, which she says improve postnatal health. She thought we’d like to see a tutorial on how to make the stuff in case we had any spare placenta lying around, so she documented the entire thing on Snapchat.

Uh... thanks, I guess?

At this point, I'd like to issue a warning that if you read on, don't snack on an apple while reading this. I think you can probably figure out why. First, Kiley enlisted the help of a Doula to help her prep her placenta, attached umbilical cord and all. The first Snapchat reads "About to make this into chocolate", and the ordeal is about to begin.

The pair then steamed the placenta, cut it into chunks, and placed it into a dehydrator to dry it out. At this point, it just looks like one of the jellyfish you see in Spongebob Squarepants.

Again, not so great to look at.

Pic by Caters News - (Pictured: Parts of the placenta in a dehydrater.) - An American mum-of-two has made the internet explode by Snapchatting herself eating chocolates made from her own PLACENTA. Beautician Kiley Whitworth, 23, paid a professional placenta-preparer to whip up a batch of the chocolates that she claimed would improve her postnatal health. Footage showing the jellyfish-shaped organ being dehydrated, blended and turned into truffles and heart-shaped balls that Kiley then ate has clocked up millions of social media views. The post has sparked a fiery debate, with some condemning it as cannibalism and others throwing support behind the young mums unusual treats. SEE CATERS COPY.

Next, after a mere 16 hours, the placenta was mixed in with some Oreos. At this point, I feel like I need to at least see some pics of the actual baby, as we've gotten so intimate with its mom and placenta. The Oreos are mashed up before they are mixed in.

At this stage, the placenta was a powder, so it was easy enough to turn into some white and dark chocolate pieces via moulds, cocoa powder and whatever else you need to make chocolate. In fairness to all involved, they do look edible. Emphasis on look.

Of course, you do something that's a little out there then proceed to post your outlandishness on the web, people are going to react. Cue flabbergasted Twitter users.

@myooryel wrote: "A placenta turned into a chocolate? Whattt? No thanks" and @JemmCasey quipped, "Did I really just watch a video of someone making their placenta into chocolate?? Not what I fancied seeing first thing in the morning not gonna lie."

In the original Snapchat video, she gave the viewers what they wanted and snapped herself eating it, saying the placenta flavor was undetectable. Kiley also added: "There has definitely been some backlash, with people saying 'That’s gross, that’s cannibalism, you’re eating yourself'. But I think they’re just ignorant."

She also says that loads of animals eat their placenta, so there’s obviously a reason that we shouldn't. Women who eat it say it can improve mood, alleviate post-partum depression, heighten energy levels, and encourage breast milk supply. Eating placentas came to the mainstream in the 1970s, but has recently been endorsed by people like January Jones and Kourtney Kardashian (suddenly, its popularity makes sense).

"Don’t do it yourself," Kiley says. "Make sure you have a specialist who has been trained to do this, because if it’s not done properly you can make yourself very sick." Placenta pizza, anyone?