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Woman Creates The World’s Most Expensive Wedding Cake Made From 1,000 Eggs

Wedding season is upon us! If you're not getting married yourself, then chances are you're likely invited to a ceremony or two this summer. And we've all heard plenty of details about dresses, flowers, and cakes since last month's Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

But if you thought Harry and Meghan's lemon elderflower cake was extravagant, wait until you see the most expensive wedding cake in the world! It was recently created in Dubai by designer Debbie Wingham for an exhibition where everyone got a taste of "the bride".

Yes, that's right, the cake was actually a life-sized version of a bride. She's 72 inches tall, weighs 164 lbs, and is made with 1000 eggs, 44 lbs of chocolate, and 110lbs of lace confectionary.

If you'd like to get a better look at Wingham's bride cake, aka the most expensive cake in the world, then you should check out the video below. You'll see Wingham slice into her masterpiece and get a look at the flavor and texture inside. It looks simply delicious:

The entire sculpture is edible, including the tiny handmade flowers and pearls. The cake took ten days to decorate and add the 5000 flower details. There were also some real pearls, as well as diamonds valued at over $200 million, used to decorate the bride's head.

So what's the cost of this extravagant cake? Well, if you'd like it to be at your wedding then you better be willing to shell out, because it comes with the price tag of a whopping $1 million dollars!

Of course, you could always get one of Wingham's less opulent cakes. Check out this "simple" cake she also created, which is sure to be a showstopper and come with a pretty hefty price tag.

Wingham does suggest that the height of a wedding cake is key. It's meant to be a focal point of a room, and it won't draw attention if no one can see it. However, above all else, the cake needs to taste amazing. There's no point in creating a masterpiece is no one enjoys eating it!

If Debbie Wingham's name sounds familiar, that's because the 36-year-old London-based designer doesn't just make cakes. She also creates fabulous shoes that look good enough to eat! The pair pictured above cost $15 million and are the world's most expensive shoes!

She's also created the world's most expensive black diamond dress, which costs $50 million. All of these items are part of Wingham's "World's Most Expensive" collection. In fact, Wingham is known as the most expensive designer and has a reputation for using the most extravagant of designer materials.

On her Instagram account, she poked fun at her "most expensive" title when describing how she was going to use designer bananas to make a banana loaf. She even posted a photo of these Louis Vouton baby bananas, which she planned on using. I wonder how much it costs for a slice!

So, would you go for a life-sized bride-shaped wedding cake? I don't know about you, but regardless of the price tag, I think I'll stick to a simple three-tiered!