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We Ranked All Of Those Terrible Noughties Fashion Trends And Yes, It’s As Bad As You Think

Close your eyes. Yes, you heard me - close them and allow yourself to drift back to distant lands and times past, arriving slap bang in the middle of the Noughties. I'm sure that several things, mostly of the nightmare variety will come to mind. Personally, I immediately think of Britney and Justin circa their iconic double-denim moment, of the humble butterfly clip and naturally, of all the girlbands.

I'm sure that this will differ for everyone as people have very vivid recollections of that special time in history. You, for example may immediately think of the iconic television show, the O.C and shudder when you recall how painfully thin your eyebrows were. But in any case, the Noughties were certainly a memorable time when it came to pop culture and fashion - that is, the absolutely terrible fashion.

It may be bold of me to state, but I believe that there have never been so many fashion crimes committed in such a small space of time as in the Noughties. And yes, I know that you're going to come at me armed with the leg-warmers and neons of the eighties, but I stand resolute in my belief that the Noughties were most definitely the dark ages of fashion.

If you don't believe me, rest assured your mind will change as you scroll down this list of terrible sartorial choices. Ready? Let's take a sojourn down memory lane...

14. The Velour Juicy Tracksuit 

I simply cannot throw too much shade at this iconic set as it was just too darn comfy. Not to mention that it made it very easy to get dressed in the morning - don't feel like deciding what shirt to pair with your skirt? Don't, just throw on a matching velour tracksuit.

13. These Sunglasses

I'm sure that we damaged our eyes by calling these slivers of questionable UV protection, "sunglasses" but you can't hate on them too much because they've come back into style with everyone from Selena Gomez to Rita Ora donning them. To quote the legendary Noughties star, Justin Timberlake, "What Goes Around... Comes Around".

12. Napkin tops 

At one point, the world decided that women needed a "going out top" to, you guessed it, go out. The napkin top was a direct result of this poor decision making, and boy was it impractical and rather bizarre looking.

11. Ponchos 

The poncho was another example of the Noughties paying no attention to the fact that clothes should be practical. But I guess they can come in handy if you have chilly shoulders.

10. Gypsy skirts 

Gypsy skirts were a large part of the Noughties' love affair with the bohemian. Seen everywhere from the red-carpet to the catwalk, you just couldn't escape it. Later into the Noughties people thankfully caught on that the skirt was just plain ugly and it was dropped in favour of something that was probably just as much of an eyesore.

9. Baker boy caps 

Hats can prove themselves to be a highly useful accessory. They're great when you're having a bad hair day or when you just can't be bothered to wash your hair. But some hats demand too much attention, like the baker boy cap. To prove my point, think of Keira Knightly in the Noughties Classic, Love Actually - what is she wearing? A baker boy cap naturally. And that folks is how she will forever be remembered.

8. T-shirts layered over long-sleeve tops

No, Rachel Green is not laughing at her terrible outfit choice, but rest assured that we are...

7. The extreme crop 

What's the perfect accessory to pair with low-rise jeans? A super cropped crop top, of course. You see, an outfit just wasn't an outfit in the Noughties unless you could feel the breeze travel between your navel and crotch.

6. Cargo pants 

Cargo pants of every colour palette, length, variation and pocket number were a wardrobe essential during the time that we hope to forget.

5. Thongs 

Oh I feel for women. Specifically for women who grew up in the Noughties believing that the best way to get the attention of the opposite sex was to wear incredibly uncomfortable, nay mildly excruciating underwear which insisted on being wedged between their butt-cheeks.

3.  Denim on denim on denim 

This one picture says it all.

2. Stripe highlights 

If you were alive in the Noughties and above the age of fourteen, you were a nobody if you didn't flaunt this dramatic hairstyle.

1. The Eyebrows 

Finally, we have reached the biggest crime that the Noughties exacted on us in the name of fashion. And it has something to do with the strips of hair that grow above our eyes. For some reason tastemakers  decided that non-existent eyebrows were the ultimate fashion statement. Indeed they were a statement until we realised that we could never grow them out again as we had spent years over-plucking them.

I hope you enjoyed reliving every fashion crime you committed in the 2000's. But if you didn't experience the unique joy (/horror) of coming of age in the Noughties, please refrain from judging us as we were not blessed with YouTube beauty tutorials and sensible fashion trends.