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We Asked Over-30s How They Really Felt about Being Single

It's a truth universally acknowledged that the closer a singleton gets to their 30th birthday, the louder the soundtrack to Jaws gets. Frantic alarm bells bleat. Furious scarlet lights blind. People sniff the air suspiciously - is that the odour of a burnt-up old spinster they smell, destined to discovered being eaten by her malnourished hamster Pebbles?

Despite the fact that we as a society we ___  it sometimes seems we can't quite get over the idea that a person may want to

In Jane Austen's time, if you were 20 and still not hitched, you could pretty much look forward to a lifetime of spinsterhood as you were far past your peak. While nowadays this archaic 18th century belief seems comical, it's abundantly clear that we as a society still has difficulty in accepting singletons after a certain age. Gathering intel from schools of thought and pop culture we are entrenched in every day, I came to the conclusion that the age community stops tolerating those - in particular women - without partners is the day they turn 30.

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