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Video shows ‘The Rock’ breaking a Guinness World record with cereal boxes

If you didn't already know, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is quickly ascending the ranks as America's most beloved movie star. He saved California in San Andreas, he's rebooting Jumanji and he helps keep football players in check in Ballers. Is there anything he can't do?

It seems not, as he just broke his jaw-dropping fifth Guinness World Record. How did he do it? By lifting a truck? By crushing a boulder with his bare hands? By being in more movies and TV shows than anyone else in 2017? Nope, he broke his newest world record by using cereal.

Johnson's production company, Seven Bucks Digital Studios, a pioneering multiplatform production company that does just about anything - named after The Rock's infamous story of making it through Hollywood only starting with seven bucks to his name - recently adding another world record to their collection of achievements last weekend.

Dwayne Johnson onstage during the 89th Annual Academy Awards

The team created a maze out of 3,006 cereal boxes (brands include Coco Puffs and Honey Bunches of Oats), arranged as though they were dominoes. The boxes were lined up in connected rows, which would have to fall in a continuous stream with none left standing to break the record for the most cereal boxes toppled in a domino-like fashion.

The previous record to beat was 2,686 cereal boxes, which is already astonishing in itself (I mean, what poor soul has the time to set up all these intricate formations of cereal boxes?). To top this would have taken some serious work, and who better to do it than the guy who worked his way from owning seven bucks to earning more than seven figures?

According to the guidelines of Guinness World Records, the cereal boxes used in the attempt have to be commercially available, and cannot have been altered in any way. In fact, the arbiter sent to oversee the attempt had to count all the boxes by hand.

As you might expect, the team broke the record in just a few seconds, as the cereal boxes toppled in one smooth, mesmerisingly continuous movement - that as you can imagine is beautifully satisfying to watch. There were some tricky moments when the boxes had to topple curves at the edges of the formation, but the falling pattern held strong until to the end.

Once the celebrating was over, the cereal boxes were donated to two homeless shelters in Los Angeles, according to a tweet from The Rock himself, who seemed very pleased with the effort (even though it seems as though his production company did most of the work).

Dwayne tweeted, "Such a fun day breaking our 5TH Guinness World Record. Thank ya to my bud, the cool and talented @ashaleo for being so awesome. 3006 cereal boxes toppled domino style! Then boxes delivered to the homeless. Great day and thanks to everyone involved."

Seven Bucks Digital studios also hold the title for making the world's largest bean dip, an idea that came straight from The Rock. He personally felt compelled to break the cereal box record too, tasking his production company with the project merely because he's a big fan of breaking Guinness World Records. What a guy! I need some of this drive for greatness to rub off on me.