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This video shows what exactly goes into making McDonald’s famous Chicken McNuggets

When you head into your nearest McDonald's after a heavy night of drinking, a bad breakup... or simply because it's a Wednesday, what's your delicious poison? Are you partial to a Big Mac? Does the McChicken take your fancy? Or, does the seemingly weird combination of cheese and fish that is the Filet O'Fish provide what you need in your fast food order?

For me, the only thing that really hits the spot every time is a box of those glorious Chicken McNuggets. Usually, chicken nuggets are reserved for children and especially picky eaters, but when it comes to chicken, the McDonald's version is a whole different kettle of fish.

When you bite into that cripsy, delicious batter, and let the flavor flow through your mouth and into your mind, are you like me, and wonder exactly what witchcraft goes into making such delicious McNuggets?

Chicken can be tasty, as we all know, but it's usually never this tasty, and it's usually not this consistently tasty either. And with it being McDonald's, there are usually whispered rumours and ominous articles that there are some nefarious practices going on in various McFactories around the world.

One brave YouTuber, however, has ventured into one of those franchise factories, and seen the process up close. The My Virgin Kitchen channel, which offers food insights, nifty cooking gadgets and delicious recipes, took a trip to one of the McDonald's factories to see the McProcess up close, and he even got it on video!

Venturing into unchartered territory, our hero Barry donned the gear necessary to step into the factory with every bit of equipment needing to be put on in a specific order and cleaned thoroughly, lest the precious nuggs become compromised. Barry was expecting something complicated and specific, but was pleasantly surprised by what he saw.

"I was expecting it to be a bit more complex, but the actual structure for how the nuggets are made is very simple, and the stations in the factory replicate that."

It starts off pretty much as you'd expect: with some chicken breasts, which are inspected by hand before being turned into mince, marinated, then flattened, then made into nugget shapes, as Barry very helpfully described. Nice.

"Yes, marinated for extra flavour. It is then compressed and flattened to make pressing the nugget shapes achievable. There are a variety of stages here, [including] a gentle breadcrumb and batter, then flash frying, before going through a slow freezer. Then they're ready to be bagged up."

Once they're in the blue bags you see in the video, the McNuggets are then ready to be cooked at a franchise near you. Your McDonald's cook will take them out of the bag, fry them, then place them in a warming container, ready to be devoured by you with literally no restraint whatsoever.

Of course, this is a video sponsored by McDonald's themselves, but I feel pretty satisfied knowing that my Chicken McNuggets are made legitimately. You might even say that I'm Lovin' It.