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Nando’s are adding two new veggie options to the menu, and customers are buzzing

Yes, we know Nando's is a chicken restaurant, but they need to adapt to keep up with the cheeky trends. They have been trying, and you can't say they're not doing well. It's just that it's hard to hype up your veggie options when all you're known for is chicken: it's difficult to appeal to everyone in that respect.

Their veggie pitta is delicious, their mushroom burger is spot on, while the option to add a side of halloumi to every order is always welcome. But for those who want to get in on all the banter shared around a table at a Nando's, it's almost as if you have to be a carnivore, and that's not really fair, right?

As other meat restaurants go, it's one of a select few where veggies don't completely miss out, but a few more veggie options would do wonders for everyone involved. It seems that the Portuguese-style food purveyors had the same idea: Nando's have added two more veggie options to their roster, and everyone is getting pretty excited.

Nando's is adding two new veggie options to the menu

As part of the new Autumn menu, Nando's is introducing two glorious vegetarian mains to the menu. The names of these great dishes? Sweet Potato & Butternut Burger, and the Supergreen Burger. Is it just me, or is your mouth watering too?

For those of you asking: yes. You can, as usual, get either of these as pittas or wraps instead of a burger, but Nando's is yet to disclose if you can change the level of spice of the meat substitute. Not that this is much of a problem; you could just grab a bottle of your poison of choice instead.

The Sweet Potato & Butternut Burger is packed full of sweet potato, butternut, red pepper, onion, and edamame beans, while the Supergreen Burger is super healthy, with broccoli, edamame beans and kale.

If you think that was good news, it gets even better. Both the Sweet Potato & Butternut Burger and the Supergreen Burger burger can be ordered to be vegan. Just ask for no mayonnaise, and you're set.

Nando's is adding two new veggie options to the menu

Alongside the joy for vegans and veggies, Nandos is also treating Perinaise lovers with a new dip called Vusa Perinaise. The new condiment is just like regular Perinaise, but with a load more spice. It's 50p ($0.66), and available for a limited time only (the exact time window isn't known just yet). If you're keen to scorch your taste buds, get over there ASAP.

Another addition to the menu (wow, so many juicy new items!) is for those who like the Fino things in life. The new Fino Pitta is made up of two flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken thighs, grilled halloumi cheese, caramelized red onion relish, cos lettuce and wild garlic aioli, all tucked inside a toasted pitta.

With these wicked additions to the menu, Nando's could turn into a place for vegetarians and vegans where you can get genuinely delicious food, instead of being lumped with a depressing side salad and chips every time. That sounds a lot more fun for everyone. All the new items will be available from the cheekiest restaurant around from October 17.