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Vegans Form Human Chain Around Grocery Store Meat Aisle To Protest Turkey Deaths

Christmas is a time for unapologetic overindulgence and excess in every form, from gifts to food, all morals disappear throughout the festive period.

This behavior is heavily influenced by the commercialized world in which we live in. As the consumer, we are targetted incessantly by companies who wish to squeeze every buck out of your wallet. As a result of this behavior, many families around the world have chosen to abstain from Christmas in its 'traditional' form, opting instead to focus on the family fun over the festive break.

Refusing to buy gifts, or opting to do a budgeted secret Santa gift exchange has become increasingly popular, as people adapt their Christmas routines. But one thing always remains relatively constant: the food.

Across the globe, dining tables are laden with tureens of roast potatoes, bulging bowls of delicious delicacies, mountains of cheese, bottomless bottles of wine, beer and spirits, and, of course, the centerpiece: the turkey, glazed and golden.

The turkey is synonymous with Fall family get-togethers such as Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. In the US, 46 million turkeys are consumed on Thanksgiving alone and 22 million on Christmas Day, with 88% of Americans confirming that turkey is their meat of choice on these days, as well as at Easter, too. Even more shocking is that Americans are expected to spend $991.16 million on turkey in 2018.

Armed with these statistics, animal activists have taken drastic measures this year to try and prevent the citizens of this world from eating meat.

One such instance occurred in a Waitrose store in Brighton, England, after an 18-strong group of vegans formed a human shield around the meat aisle.

The group held paper plates splattered with blood and explicit messages, which read "humane murder is a lie" and "you can't shop in peace when you're buying death." They also carried flowers for the dead animals being sold at the store.

Watch the chaos here...

The group is led by Morgan Kayleigh Giampaolo, the daughter of a millionaire meat merchant, who went viral earlier this month after she entered a steakhouse and began playing audio of animals in pain.

"Animals are not things. Lives are not commodities. It's time to end these cruel and bloody traditions. Take the death off your plate this Christmas," shouted one protestor through a hand-held megaphone.

The protestor then continued:

"This Christmas time you might be worried about what presents to buy and how to organize a family get together, but the animals are facing carnage. Around ten million turkeys are slaughtered this time of year so they can end up on your Christmas table in the United Kingdom.

"Catching and transporting birds can cause considerable pain and distress. Many birds may be injured whilst being removed from sheds and put into crates. Poor handling frequently results in bruising, skin grazing and broken blood vessels. Loaded into trucks, piled next to their friends and not knowing where they are headed, no chance of escape. Transport to slaughter can be long with birds experiencing extremes of temperature, stress suffocation and shock."

The protestor continues to cry out that birds are commonly slaughtered between nine and 21 weeks old, despite their natural lifespan being 10 years.

Moments later the police arrive and ask the protestors to leave the store, or risk being arrested. They oblige but continue to rant at shoppers from outside as they enter the store.

The incident gained a lot of interest online with many condemning the protestors for their actions and for trying to force their views and opinions on others. Others supported their mission and encouraged them to protest more frequently until their message was heard.