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X-Rated Foodie Valentine’s Gifts That Your Partner’s Guaranteed To Love

Valentine's Day might be horribly commercialized, but for couples around the world, it's a chance to show their better half just how much they mean to them. Whether it's something as simple as saying "Happy Valentine's Day!" and planting a loving kiss on their mouth, or, as is the case for most, going to the effort of buying a card (usually complete with some cringe-worthy poem - who said romance is dead?) and a sweet treat like a heart-shaped box of chocolates or even some roses.

But what happens when your better half is vegan? Most of the Valentine's chocolates you'll see in stores are out of the question - and you can forget about buying them a bottle of wine unless you're willing to check whether or not it contains any animal products too. And let's face it, you don't want to make the faux pas of giving them a well-intentioned gift that contains animal products! Luckily, however, the increased popularity of veganism means that you finally have some options.

1. This eggplant vibrator

Okay, admittedly, this isn't a vegan-friendly gift that your partner can eat, but it's definitely something you can both enjoy. Stock up on some vegan lube and condoms and experiment with its 10 different speeds and the fact that it's waterproof!

2. A chocolate penis

Because it's the only kind of meat that vegans will eat. Brainchild of the aptly named company Dick at your Door, the chocolate d*ck comes in a pretty pink box and the following message, "Roses are red, violets are blue. Don't send stupid roses, that's so 2002." Who knows? Maybe the fact that it's vegan will inspire your partner to get down and dirty on our d*ck as a result!

3. Vagina cupcakes

Personally, I think that vaginas are a lot prettier than penises. They're so neat by comparison! What's more is that they are the perfect genitalia to fit on top of cupcakes. So why not get your vegan partner in the mood with this cruelty-free vagina cupcakes?!

4. Boob cupcakes

If there's one thing which is (marginally) better than vaginas, it's boobs, and they really are another perfect shape for making tasty-looking cakes that your partner can lick and suck till their heart's content - or, y'know till there's no more icing left.

5. Chocolate vulvas

Although boobs are great, however, unless you're very lucky, stimulating them alone isn't going to get anyone off. So if you're wanting to treat your partner to a reminder of the place you want them to pay attention to, why not buy these vulva chocolates?

6. A cheeky Valentine

But you don't necessarily have to buy genital-shaped goods to show your partner that you support their lifestyle choice. You could also get them a card with a message that they'll not only agree with but one that's guaranteed to make them smile.

So, if your partner's vegan, there's still time to get them a gift they're guaranteed to love. And better still, even if they're not, the vegan gifts on offer this Valentine's Day are so good that they'll be a hit with anyone. Now, where's my eggplant vibrator?!